Milla Jovovich and Her Daughter Share an Adorable Multi Pass Moment

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a soul-stirring image that has taken the internet by storm, actress Milla Jovovich and her daughter share a precious moment together, both holding a prop card labeled "MULTI PASS." The split-frame photograph showcases the striking resemblance between mother and daughter, with their vibrant orange hair and captivating blue eyes.

In the top photograph, Milla Jovovich, known for her roles in iconic movies such as "The Fifth Element" and the "Resident Evil" franchise, exudes a sense of elegance and poise. With her red-orange hair styled in a chic bob and her mesmerizing blue eyes, Milla captivates the viewer with her beauty. Her neutral expression carries a hint of seriousness, while her gaze invites curiosity. The dim, warm lighting in the background adds an air of mystery to the image, leaving us longing to know more.

In the bottom photograph, we catch a glimpse of Milla Jovovich's adorable daughter, whose youthful charm is impossible to resist. The child, sporting the same distinct orange hair and playful blue eyes as her mother, holds the MULTI PASS card with a mixture of innocence and curiosity. With their mouth slightly open, revealing a blend of baby teeth and adult teeth, this young star-in-the-making captures our hearts effortlessly. The domestic environment in the background hints at the warmth and love that surround this delightful duo.

The MULTI PASS card, a central element in both photographs, adds an intriguing touch to the image. Predominantly white with purple and yellow accents, the card features a photo of the person holding it, presumably Milla Jovovich and her daughter. The bold capital letters "MULTI PASS" catch our attention, while the smaller text below remains a mystery, leaving us wondering about its significance.

The soul-stirring image has garnered a flood of reactions from fans and followers. Many expressed their delight at witnessing this precious mother-daughter moment, commenting on the strong resemblance between the two. Some even playfully mentioned the possibility of a "Fifth Element" sequel, hoping to see Milla Jovovich grace the silver screen once again. Others couldn't help but notice the uncanny resemblance between the daughter and certain iconic characters from the past, such as Pippi Longstocking.

As Milla Jovovich and her daughter continue to captivate us with their charm, we can't help but imagine the bright future that lies ahead for this talented family. With their shared love for the MULTI PASS card, who knows what adventures await them in the years to come?

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Well it’s nice to know we’ve got a spare.


So there could be a 5th Element sequel? (But please hurry the f*** up while Gary Oldman is still alive, because he is irreplaceable.)


Just keep her away from Luc Besson for the next decade


what is that photo on the multipass?


Ah, the seldom referenced 6th element.


When I saw the trailer for the Peter Pan movie that this girl was in, I thought they digitally de-aged Milla Jovovich. This kid's father did not contribute a single gene.


Good Lord that's some CTRL-C CTRL-V going on there


How cool is that?!? Mother's Day is a trying time every year because I never got to have kids. Still, happy for Milla.


i could see 5th element doing another reincarnation of leeloo, thats such a great universe.


Kid's gonna get in trouble using a stolen and forged Multi Pass

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