Entertaining Video Unveils the Great DoorDash Dilemma: A Porcine Perpetrator on the Loose!

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever had a food delivery mishap that left you scratching your head? Well, get ready for a story that will make you laugh out loud and question the reliability of food delivery services. In a viral video titled "Pumba noooooo," an unexpected surprise unfolds when a DoorDash delivery is intercepted by none other than a mischievous pig.

The video, which has taken the internet by storm, showcases the moment when a delivery driver approaches a doorstep, ready to drop off a delicious meal. However, to the driver's astonishment, a bold pig swoops in and snatches the bag of food before they can even ring the doorbell. Talk about a porcine porch pirate!

As the video gained traction, viewers flooded the comment section with their reactions and entertaining remarks. One user, going by the name "boar dash," questioned why DoorDash should be held responsible for refunding the meal. They humorously suggested that the customer should negotiate directly with the pig. Another user, curious about the duration the food sat on the doorstep, asked, "How long did it sit there?"

Some commenters couldn't help but connect the incident to their own experiences. One person, reminiscing about their time in Arizona, shared how javelinas, known for wreaking havoc on Halloween pumpkins, used to obliterate their decorations. Another commenter jokingly advised the customer to use their AR15 to deal with feral hogs, referencing a popular internet meme.

Amidst the laughter, a few users expressed their surprise at the concept of ordering fast food through a delivery service. They pondered why anyone would opt for such a convenience when they could easily satisfy their cravings by visiting the restaurant themselves. Others highlighted the importance of being present to receive deliveries and shared their personal strategies for avoiding similar mishaps.

While some commenters debated whether the animal in question was a boar or a javelina, the consensus leaned towards the latter. True animal enthusiasts couldn't resist pointing out that the creature in the video resembled a collared peccary, commonly found in Arizona.

The video's popularity also sparked discussions about the responsibilities of food delivery services. Some questioned why DoorDash should take responsibility for a pig-related incident, emphasizing that the company's role is to safely deliver the food, not protect against porcine pilfering.

In the end, this entertaining video serves as a reminder to always keep an eye out for unexpected surprises, even when it comes to food deliveries. So, the next time you order from DoorDash or any other delivery service, make sure to be vigilant and prevent any pesky porch pirates, whether they be pigs or otherwise. After all, you wouldn't want your dinner to be stolen by a wild boar, would you?

In the meantime, let's all have a good laugh and embrace the viral sensation of the mischievous pig who momentarily disrupted the world of food delivery. We can all learn a valuable lesson from this incident: when it comes to door-to-door service, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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Top Comments from Imgur


boar dash


Why the f*** would Doordash refund that? You gotta talk to the pig.


How long did it sit there?


Javalina? Are you in Arizona? Those guys used to obliterate my Halloween pumpkins


It's your own fault for not using your AR15 to kill 30 to 50 feral hogs


Go, little piggy! Ride for Valhalla!


who tf doesnt awnser their door when they get a food delivery?


hakuna matata


You weren't watching the tracker to grab it as soon as the confirmation came through? You weren't watching your doorbell cam notifications for when someone showed up and dropped the food off? Sounds hella staged.


I will never understand ordering McDonalds from a gig delivery service. It's not like I don't eat McDonalds but I've never craved it enough while simultaneously not wanting to leave my house enough to warrant spending that much to have someone bring it to me. It's already too expensive for what it is.

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