Join the Support Group for Northern Lights FOMO: Embrace Your Validity!

Zoey Waverider

Updated Monday, May 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

If you missed out on witnessing the captivating beauty of the Northern Lights last night, fear not! You are not alone. In fact, there is now a support group for all the individuals who didn't get a chance to catch a glimpse of this celestial phenomenon. Led by the witty and relatable Helen Nettleship, the support group aims to unite those who experienced the dreaded Northern Lights FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Helen Nettleship, known on social media as @Nettleshippy, took to her account to announce the formation of this unique support group. In a post timestamped "19h" ago, she declared, "I'm starting a support group for people who didn't see the Northern Lights last night. We are valid. Stop erasing our existence. Any joiners? This is our flag."

Accompanying the post is an image that perfectly captures the essence of the support group. It features a photo of a street lamp against a mesmerizing twilight sky. The lamp post, with its two horizontal cross-arms, humorously resembles a flag. Each arm proudly holds a pair of lights, symbolizing unity among those who missed out on the Northern Lights spectacle. It's a lighthearted and creative way to acknowledge their shared experience and create a sense of belonging.

The response to Helen's post has been overwhelming. With 1.6 million views, 55.6 thousand likes, 4.2 thousand retweets, and a staggering 1.5 thousand comments, it's clear that many people resonated with her sentiment. User comments flooded in from all corners of the globe, expressing their own Northern Lights FOMO experiences.

One user from Florida shared, "I looked, but living in an area with insane light pollution hindered my chances. It's disheartening." Another user humorously exclaimed, "Dozens of us!" while someone else complained, "Pretty inconsiderate of them to come out during the time I'm sleeping."

The support group has brought people together, creating a safe space to share their disappointments and find solace in their collective experience. It's not just about commiserating, though. The group also serves as a platform for light-hearted discussions and even sparked conversations about light pollution reduction initiatives.

While some individuals found solace in the support group, others shared their adventures on the night of the missed opportunity. One person recounted their journey to the desert/mountains, where they encountered not the Northern Lights but a baby bobcat and a coyote. Another mentioned their craving for "steamed hams" after seeing the lights.

Even though missing out on the Northern Lights may have been disappointing, the support group has brought a sense of camaraderie and humor to the situation. It's a reminder that sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs, and it's okay to find humor in our shared experiences.

So, if you found yourself gazing up at a cloudy or rain-soaked sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights but ended up empty-handed, know that you are not alone. Join Helen Nettleship's support group, celebrate your validity, and embrace the humor in life's little disappointments. Together, we can turn FOMO into FOMOL (Fear of Missing Out Laughter).

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Top Comments from Imgur


I'm in Florida, I looked, didn't see anything. Then again we also have insane light pollution where I live wouldn't have seen much even if it was right over me.


Dozens of us!


Pretty f inconsiderate of them to come out during the time I'm sleeping


i think i got a sunburn anyways ... and i haven't even been outside.... which side do i go to ??


I’m in San Diego. I didn’t see s***


I keep missing these "once in our lifetime" celestial moments.


I live in central Sweden and didn't see anything. I have friends in Denmark who saw it. Words cannot describe how humiliating a defeat this is.


My husband's alarm went off at 1 am. We looked at each other, laughed, and went back to sleep


Maybe this will get some light pollution reduction initiatives going.


Apparently the sky turned a bunch of colors in my very neighborhood, but only when I wasn’t looking. Really hoping I get another shot.

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