The Media's Double Standard: The Unbalanced Portrayal of Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump

Zoey Waverider

Updated Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a thought-provoking social media post that has garnered significant attention, user Linda B raises an intriguing question about the media's portrayal of two controversial figures. The post, shared and reposted by renowned actor George Takei, highlights the stark contrast in how Stormy Daniels, a former adult film star, and Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, are depicted by the media.

Linda B, whose social media handle is @barnhart_linda, expresses her bewilderment by stating, "I want to know why the media always says...P*** star Stormy Daniels, but they never say R***** Donald Trump." The post's powerful message challenges the consistency and fairness of the media's representation of these two individuals.

The image accompanying the post features a dark background with white text, making it easy to read. At the top, there is a notification indicating that George Takei reposted Linda B's thought-provoking message. Below this, Linda B's name appears, accompanied by the symbols of the Canadian flag and a rainbow flag, symbolizing her potential connection to Canada and her support for LGBTQ+ rights. The handle "@barnhart_linda" suggests that Linda B is an active user on a social media platform, inviting others to follow her.

The social metrics displayed below the post demonstrate its widespread engagement. With 229K views, 3,421 reposts, 78 quotes, and 20.1K likes, Linda B's message has clearly struck a chord with many users.

By capitalizing the words "P*** star" and "R*****," Linda B emphasizes the disparity in how Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump are labeled by the media. She questions why Stormy Daniels is consistently referred to as a p*** star, while Donald Trump's alleged wrongdoing is not given the same explicit mention. Linda B's post suggests that this inconsistency in labeling stems from societal biases and a tendency to shame women for their past professions.

While some users argue that the media simply uses people's most notable profession as a title, Linda B and others contend that the media's portrayal of Stormy Daniels as a p*** star should be balanced with a similarly descriptive label for Donald Trump. They propose that he should be referred to as "Failed Businessman Donald Trump" or even "Convicted R***** Donald Trump," referencing the allegations made against him.

It is important to note that Linda B's post specifically focuses on the language used by the media and does not delve into the legalities or veracity of the allegations against Donald Trump. The intention behind the post is to shed light on the media's selective language and the perceived double standard in how individuals are labeled based on their past or alleged actions.

As this thought-provoking social media post continues to gain traction, it prompts us to reflect on the responsibility of the media to provide unbiased and fair representation. The conversation sparked by Linda B's question encourages us to critically analyze the language used in media headlines and consider the potential impact of such portrayals on public perception.

In an era where media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion, it is crucial to foster open dialogue and strive for balanced reporting. Only through understanding and awareness can we challenge societal biases and work towards a more equitable representation of individuals in the media.

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Actually, Trump would have some Kind of a " Game of thrones " introduction ... Master of the diaper, p**** grabber of none, covfefe, husband of a Russian asset formally known as a p*** star, d*********er of putin... Feel Free to elaborate


Kinda says everything about the difference in how our society feels about a normal woman who did legal sex work vs a rich man who did illegal and immoral things.


I'd say it's rooted more in s*** shaming than a r*** culture, because even if he wasn't a r*****, which he is, they would still call her that. It's also because it's her job title and many are referred to by their job, Doctor Hank Macoy, Comedian Bo Burnham, President Seymour Butts. So naturally, P*** Star Stormy Daniels. What should be noted is how it's said and presented, because they view it as 'icky' and disgusting, once again coming back to the root of s*** shaming.


They kinda have a point but realistically it's because the media likes using professions as titles. Stormy Daniels was a p*** star. They call Trump, President and former President Trump, and before then they'd often say, Reality star, or Real Estate Tycoon. They also say s*** like, Author Stephen King, or Actor Johnny Depp. It's just a thing. The media absolutely uses bias in their headlines for a lot of things, but I tend to think this particular thing is more just normalcy for them.


Also, it's not a hush money trial. It's an election interference trial that involves hush money


The cynical response might be that one label is unusual and therefore noteworthy, while the other isn't.


Because Stormy Daniels being a p*** star (or former one at least) is an undisputed fact that she would say about herself and it's not a negative thing. Trump being a r***** is an opinion (a correct one based on the evidence!) and he would dispute and claim to be defamatory. If he had been criminally charged or convicted of r*** they could call him "convicted r***** Donald Trump" but he hasn't, so they can't.


Actually, "convicted" applies and would be accurate.


They use it as her job title, so Trump SHOULD be referred to as "Failed Businessman Donald Trump"


Habitual Liar, Donald Trump.

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