Jenna Ortega Takes on the Spiciest Hotwings: A Comical and Mouthwatering Challenge

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Prepare to be amazed as Jenna Ortega, the talented actress known for her roles in "Wednesday" and "You", takes on the ultimate hotwing challenge. In a recent video that has taken the internet by storm, Jenna fearlessly tackles a plate of fiery hotwings, each one progressively hotter than the last. The video, which was originally uploaded on Imgur, showcases Jenna's incredible bravery and her genuine reactions to the intense heat of each wing.

As the video begins, Jenna dives right in, exclaiming, "all right all right sweet little baby baby wing, too easy!" Her initial confidence quickly fades as she takes a bite of the second wing, admitting, "I'm starting to tear up a little bit." With each wing, the flavors intensify, and Jenna's expressions become more animated. Surprisingly, she even discovers that one of the sauces tastes like mushroom, adding an unexpected twist to the challenge.

What makes this video even more entertaining are the comments from viewers. One user expresses their admiration for Jenna's clean teeth, noting how they always end up with food stuck in their teeth while eating wings. Another commenter simply states, "She's a cutie," capturing the general sentiment of many fans who appreciate Jenna's charm and beauty.

However, not all the comments are complimentary. Some viewers share their distaste for one particular hot sauce called "Da Bomb," describing it as "nasty tasting" and comparing its flavor to that of a fast food dumpster. Despite the intense heat, Jenna manages to keep a smile on her face, impressing viewers with her resilience and bravery.

The video also sparks discussions about the effects of spicy food. One viewer confesses that they love spicy food but always end up with uncontrollable hiccups after eating anything hotter than a mild jalapeño. It seems that even the hottest wings can't dampen Jenna's appeal, as another comment playfully suggests that the wings themselves couldn't handle her "hotness."

Jenna's adventure with hotwings is not without its moments of hilarity. As the heat intensifies, Jenna jokes about putting bones in her pocket, leading to playful banter among viewers. It's clear that Jenna's infectious personality and down-to-earth nature have won over many fans, as one viewer admits to being smitten with her since watching her in "Wednesday."

The video also highlights the skills of the interviewer, Sean, who is praised by viewers for his ability to bring out the best in his guests. Many commenters commend his interviewing style, describing him as one of the best interviewers out there. The interaction between Sean and Jenna adds an extra layer of entertainment to the already captivating video.

As the challenge reaches its c*****, Jenna faces the spiciest wing, aptly named "Da Bomb." Despite the heat, she confidently declares, "I am the Boss," showcasing her unwavering determination. The wings may be sweating and hiccupping, but Jenna's cool and composed demeanor remains unshaken.

Jenna Ortega's hotwing challenge is a must-watch for anyone seeking a mix of laughter, bravery, and mouthwatering flavors. From her initial excitement to the unpredictable twists and turns, this video captures the essence of Jenna's vibrant personality. Whether you're a fan of Jenna's acting or simply enjoy watching entertaining challenges, this video is guaranteed to leave you impressed and craving some spicy wings of your own.

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Top Comments from Imgur


The most amazing thing to me is that her teeth are perfectly clean. I always get s*** stuck in my teeth eating wings (I can mostly handle the heat). And all over my face for that matter.


She's a cutie


she's a bird


See I have this problem where I love spicy food but anything hotter than a mild jalapeño immediately gives me uncontrollable hiccups for like an hour


Da Bomb is just nasty tasting. It’s hot for sure, but half the reaction is just how horrible it tastes.


I'll save you all the trouble of trying it. Da Bomb, is not food. It tastes like a fast food dumpster smells. If you ever walked behind a Taco Bell on your way home at night, that smell, they put it in a bottle.


Did she put any of bones in her pocket?


This episode had to be re-uploaded to YouTube because the initial upload included shots of her n*****.


I had no idea who she was when I started watching “Wednesday”… and I’ve been smitten ever since.


Da Bomb is f***ing awful. Really, really hot, but also with no redeeming features

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