Kristi Noem's VP Candidacy in Jeopardy After Puppy-Killing Controversy Unveiled

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Friday, May 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a shocking turn of events, Kristi Noem's chances of becoming Donald Trump's Vice Presidential pick have been thrown into disarray following a heinous controversy surrounding an alleged act of animal cruelty. A tweet from Monica Venzke, which has since gone viral, questions whether Noem still has a "dog in this fight," alluding to the disturbing incident that has captured the attention of millions.

The tweet, accompanied by a screenshot of a message from the New York Post, reveals a captivating image that further intensifies the gravity of the situation. The picture portrays a jubilant individual perched on the back of a muddy off-road vehicle, clad in a camouflage jacket and an eye-catching orange knit cap. In their arms rests a brown dog, their bond seemingly unbreakable against the backdrop of falling snow. To the right, an imposing woman with dark hair gazes intently, wearing a red cap emblazoned with the words "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN."

The New York Post caption attached to the photo contains a bombshell revelation: "Kristi Noem has 'no shot' as Trump's VP pick after puppy-killing controversy: sources." The implications of this statement are nothing short of astounding, as it suggests that Noem's aspirations for higher office have been irreparably tarnished by an alleged act of animal cruelty.

Since the tweet's publication, the engagement it has generated has been nothing short of staggering. Garnering 36 comments, 617 retweets, 15.2K likes, and a staggering 462K views, it is evident that the public is captivated by this scandalous revelation. Social media users have expressed their shock, outrage, and disappointment, with some even calling for justice for the innocent canine victim.

While the specifics of the alleged puppy-killing incident remain undisclosed, the impact on Noem's political future is evident. Commenters have questioned whether she will face legal consequences for her actions, while others have condemned her in the harshest terms possible, labeling her a "psychopath" and suggesting that her moral compass is severely lacking.

Furthermore, the controversy surrounding Noem's potential role as Trump's Vice Presidential pick has ignited a firestorm of speculation and criticism. The comments section of the tweet is filled with scathing remarks about Trump's previous choices, with some claiming that Noem's actions pale in comparison to the potential damage her selection could inflict on the nation.

It is important to note that the veracity of the allegations against Noem has not been confirmed, and she has not yet responded to the accusations. Nevertheless, the impact on her reputation and political career is undeniable. The public's perception of her as a potential leader has been significantly shaken, with many expressing disbelief that someone capable of such cruelty could aspire to hold high office.

As the controversy surrounding Kristi Noem's alleged involvement in an act of animal cruelty spreads like wildfire across social media platforms, one thing is certain: her chances of becoming Donald Trump's Vice Presidential pick have been placed in serious jeopardy. The court of public opinion has spoken, and the outcome may have far-reaching consequences for Noem's political future. Only time will tell how this scandal unfolds and whether Noem can recover from the damage inflicted upon her reputation.

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I really wish this came out later, after Trump picked her.


Justice for Cricket


Will she be prosecuted for the admission of a crime?


Is that the murder victim in that picture? What a f***ing p************. I grew up in the sticks. Sometimes you gotta put an animal down, but it's never an easy choice. It sucks and there needs to be a damn good reason. She's a psychopath.


Dude’s pushing 80, obese and chugs fast food and caffeine. If he wins, whoever he picks is likely to become POTUS halfway through his term.


McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin was one of his worst mistakes. We all know t**** will screw it up with someone who is even worse.


But the r***** felon is still in the run for president?


On the one hand, I'm glad there is a bottom for Republicans to shame their way out of politics still. On the other, it's shooting dogs? Really? Not the authoritarian ideation? Not the [insert myriad reason here]?


Whoever he picks will be equally as evil. & donald is exactly the kind of person who'd also proudly shoot a puppy. So whoever runs with him, doesn't matter, vote those a******s out. But Noem should be permanently banned from owning animals & should be on a watch list, both for animal cruelty & suspect gun safety.


Is that the dog In The left picture?

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