Unveiling the Mysterious Origins of the Glowing Pen: A Story of Random Encounters

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever come across something so peculiar that it lingers in your memory, forever etched as a whimsical tale? Well, one person certainly has, and it all started with a thought-provoking quote by the renowned comedian, John Mulaney. As the saying goes, "the things crazy people say mean nothing to them but everything to me." Little did they know that these words would become the catalyst for an extraordinary journey.

In a captivating image that has taken the internet by storm, we see a hand holding a pen that emits an enchanting blue light. The text posts superimposed over the image recount a personal story shared by a user named taylorut. It's a tale of unexpected encounters and the profound impact they can have on our lives.

Taylorut begins their narrative by reflecting on John Mulaney's famous quote. Every time they hear those words, it takes them back to the moment when they acquired the extraordinary light-up pen. Intriguing, isn't it? Let's delve into the story behind this remarkable writing instrument.

Four years ago, Taylorut was working as a barista at Starbucks, diligently taking customers' orders at the register. It was just another ordinary day until a woman approached the counter, requesting a nonfat latte with a peculiar caveat - she was "watching her weight." Little did Taylorut know that this seemingly innocuous interaction would be the start of a remarkable chain of events.

As fate would have it, a mysterious character stood behind the weight-conscious customer, silently observing the scene unfold. Out of the blue, this enigmatic individual uttered a bizarre response, asking about the "wait for her watch." It was a completely unhinged remark, akin to the ramblings of the Mad Hatter himself. The bewildered barista couldn't help but wonder about the motivations behind such an eccentric comment.

Amidst the ensuing confusion, the woman's reaction surprised everyone. She became visibly flustered, leaving Taylorut and others intrigued by this unexpected turn of events. However, the story doesn't end there. It was at this very moment that Taylorut received a peculiar gift from the mysterious individual - the glowing pen that has captured the attention of countless online users.

The pen, with its radiant blue light, symbolizes the extraordinary nature of chance encounters. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most memorable experiences stem from the most peculiar circumstances. Taylorut's story has resonated with numerous individuals who have encountered similar moments of randomness and serendipity in their own lives.

The online community has been buzzing with excitement, sharing their own tales of strange encounters and the unexpected gifts they have received. From encounters with fae tricksters to encounters with people dressed as Jesus or those looking to cosplay the Doctor, the internet has come alive with stories that mirror Taylorut's experience. It's a testament to the magic that can be found in the mundane.

So, the next time you come across something out of the ordinary, remember Taylorut's story and embrace the enchantment of the moment. Who knows, you might just stumble upon your own glowing pen that illuminates the wonders of life's extraordinary twists and turns. After all, as Abraham Lincoln once said, "Two heads are better than one," and sometimes, it's the unexpected encounters that bring the most joy and enlightenment.

In a world that often seems predictable and routine, let's celebrate the weirdness that lies within us all and allow ourselves to be captivated by the randomness that surrounds us. Let us return the quirkiness to America and revel in the delightful unpredictability that life has to offer. So go ahead, be open to the magic, and who knows, you might just receive a gift from the fae or stumble upon a pen that holds the key to an extraordinary adventure.

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Top Comments from Imgur


I aspire to be described as a mad fae trickster


Plot twist : Mad Hatter has a camera, recorder, and WiFi hidden in the pen.. was just looking for the right “quick girl” to stalk /s


"If you can't convince them, confuse them." -Harry S. Truman


Kinda disappointed this wasn't a Doctor Who post.


It's random acts of fury that give me life. Let's return the weirdness to America!


I got a quirky story too... I arrived at the bus station in San Antonio at 11am stepped outside cuz I was Goin to call for a Lyft ride. A crazy lady in a wheel chair and one leg told me 'F*** you!'... And wheeled away. She looked at someone else.. 'F*** you!'... Down the street could still her cussing at people. Sometimes I think about that.


I once walked into a dental office to give them my resume looking to be a temporary. Inside there stood a man wearing a white sweatsuit with the name and face of Jesus airbrushed on every single square inch. No white was left except the cuffs. He looked at me, told me Jesus loves me, and handed me a pen. Then he left. I thought the pen would be Jesus related in some way. But no, it was red gel pen from an MMA gym. I still have that pen in my purse.


Ooooh - I used to have a pen like that - I have no idea what happened to it.


You provided entertainment for the fae. they were obliged to provide a gift in return. whatever you do, don't write your name with it....


I suddenly want to buy the fluffiest sparkliest, glowiest pens in existence and give them out to random people.

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