Skyrim's Lack of Affection: A Gamer's Quest for Love and Hugs

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the vast world of video games, there are countless adventures to embark on, quests to complete, and enemies to conquer. However, for some gamers, the absence of a simple gesture like a hug can leave them longing for a deeper connection within the virtual realm. This sentiment was recently expressed by a user named astraldemise on a social media platform.

In a lighthearted and humorous tone, astraldemise shared their frustration about the popular game Skyrim, stating, "skyrim is a bad game because i cant hug my friends or my husband. maybe i want to let the people in my life know i appreciate them dearly even if they just have three lines of base dialogue." It seems that astraldemise craves a way to express their affection and appreciation for the characters they encounter in the game, despite their limited interactions.

The post caught the attention of many users, garnering a significant amount of engagement with "88,767 notes." Clearly, astraldemise's desire for virtual affection struck a chord with fellow gamers.

However, astraldemise anticipated the suggestion of playing games like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, where acts of kindness and friendship are more prevalent. They preemptively countered this notion, stating, "please understand that i enjoy hunting the city guards for sport but that doesnt mean that im not full of love." It seems astraldemise finds joy in the chaos and mischief that Skyrim allows, while still yearning for the ability to express love and appreciation.

The sentiment expressed by astraldemise highlights an interesting aspect of gaming. While some players may seek thrilling battles and epic quests, others long for more intimate connections within the virtual world. The desire to express affection, even in games renowned for their action and adventure, is a testament to the emotional depth that gamers can experience.

It's important to note that the image in question features two text posts from the same user, suggesting that astraldemise's thoughts struck a chord not only with themselves but also with others who resonated with their sentiments. The watermark from "" hints at the image's origin, indicating that it may have been shared or sourced from that website.

Astraldemise's longing for hugs and affection in Skyrim sheds light on the diverse desires and emotional needs of gamers. While the game may not provide the opportunity for physical displays of affection, it remains a beloved and immersive experience for many. Perhaps game developers will consider incorporating more ways for players to express their love and appreciation in future titles, ensuring that the virtual world becomes an even richer and more fulfilling experience for all.

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Top Comments from Imgur


I was curious if there was a mod for that, as I know skyrim has many mods. There is, in fact, a mod for that.


You need to play something like Fable where you can have all these interactions with people in your life, until the game bugs and they don't appear onscreen anymore and you can't do anything with them, and then the townspeople start giving you s*** because you're neglecting your family, and your wife runs off leaving you with your child, but all he does is stand in your house facing a corner like you're the Blair Witch. (True story, btw. Careful what you wish for.)


All games need hugs, I hug everyone in Helldivers 2, its wonderful.


I was like this for a while, but after about 3k hours of play, I am a god that nerfs herself just to feel anything from the game. I have a stupid amount of mods, and a good portion make skyrim so much harder. THis came after the few hundred hours of "The price for killing an innocent is 1000 gold and I am very rich"


Said it before i'll say it again, skyrim is an okay game, but it is a top tier framework for mods


And this is why people make mods...


Also, if you put dogs or cats in a game and don't let me pet them, you are completely incompetent and should be fired, if not placed in the stocks and pelted with rotten fruit. Looking at you Breath of the Wild...


Skyrim VR , hugs are possible.


Tried marrying in the game once, a dragon took her the second she left her house to meet me.


I just want a game that lets me hold hands and take my friends on an adventure

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