Bodega Manager Cat Protects Customers from Unnecessary Spending

Mason Riverwind

Updated Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

If you've ever visited a bodega, you know that they can be a treasure trove of snacks, drinks, and convenience. But what if we told you that there's a bodega manager out there who is taking it upon themselves to protect customers from needlessly spending money? Meet the incredible bodega manager cat who is making waves on social media for their unique approach to fiscal responsibility.

In a viral video that has taken the internet by storm, the bodega manager cat can be seen standing guard near the ATM. As customers approach, the cat jumps into action, ensuring that they don't touch anything. It's almost as if the cat has a sixth sense for preventing unnecessary spending!

The video has garnered a lot of attention, with people sharing their reactions and thoughts in the comments. One user humorously asks, "What... is your favorite color?" while another simply exclaims, "#BodegaCats." It's clear that this feline manager has won the hearts of many.

Some commenters have even dubbed the cat as a teacher of fiscal responsibility. They see this furry guardian as a reminder to think twice before making impulsive purchases. After all, who needs cash when contactless payments are readily available?

But it's not just about saving money. The bodega manager cat seems to have a knack for sniffing out potential scams as well. Alert commenters suspect that the cat is onto something when they mention, "That's a skimmer" and "Kitty knows it's a skimmer." Perhaps this cat's intuition goes beyond just preventing unnecessary spending.

In the midst of all the amusement and admiration, it's important to remember that this bodega manager cat is not just a cute internet sensation. They serve a purpose in maintaining the financial well-being of both the store and its customers. As one commentator cleverly suggests, "For the price of your ATM fee, you could make a cash-back purchase that gets you a snack AND supports the store."

So, the next time you find yourself reaching for that ATM, take a moment to appreciate the wisdom of this extraordinary bodega manager cat. They may just save you from a regretful impulse buy and guide you towards a more financially responsible path. And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of their stunning beauty as you make your way through the aisles of the store.

In a world filled with viral cat videos, this one stands out for its unique message of fiscal responsibility. The bodega manager cat has become a symbol of smart spending and a reminder that sometimes, it's best to think twice before swiping that card. So, the next time you visit a bodega, keep your eye out for this feline guardian and remember, sometimes saving money can be as simple as having a cat by your side.

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Top Comments from Imgur


What..... is your favorite color?




She's a pretty one


Kitty teaching fiscal responsibility


Really hoping we can get a young black cat that has started living out back of our store to get used to people and at least live in our warehouse area. Just putting out bits of food for it so far which it's eating but if anyone gets within 20 feet of it kitty just takes off.


Bodega cat is the best pet you never had


I didn’t see any claws extended. Play vs attack?


"For the price of your ATM fee, you could make a cash-back purchase that gets you a snack AND supports the store," she says.


That's a skimmer


I like to think that with their heightened awareness of the supernatural, and possibly the universe, this cat is making a great decision to change this guy's future. If a moths wings can do it, why not a paw in front of a machine? Toss a treat to your scratcher, oh bringer of safety.

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