Beware of This Controlling Boyfriend: A Shocking Text Exposes His True Colors

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a shocking revelation, a social media post has surfaced, shedding light on a disturbing experience that one individual had with their boyfriend. The post, shared on the popular subreddit "r/sex," details the aftermath of a first-time sexual encounter that quickly turned sour. The user, with the handle u/Critical-Ad-8285, opens up about their vulnerability and the unexpected turn their relationship took.

The post begins with the user recounting their experience, stating, "Had sex for the first time ever with my boyfriend but he texted me the day after with a 'list' of the mistakes I made." This statement alone sets the stage for the troubling events that unfolded after the intimate encounter.

The user, identified as a 20-year-old female, bravely shares her feelings of nervousness and clumsiness leading up to the moment. Despite anticipation, the encounter proved to be awkward and even painful at times, resulting in the need to ask her boyfriend, who is 35 years old, to pause. The user also mentions her inability to reach c*****, attributing it to nerves.

However, what transpired next is truly shocking. The next day, the user woke up to a text from her boyfriend, outlining a list of supposed mistakes she made during their sexual encounter. The text reads as follows:

1. Be sexier. Don't be so quiet. Moan and scream.

2. Your head game needs a LOT of work. Look it up.

3. Don't act awkward. You're not a virgin anymore, so don't act like it.

4. You need to get better at shaving ;)

5. Don't tell a guy to stop when he...

The list goes on, but the implications are clear. Instead of offering support, understanding, and communication, the boyfriend chose to criticize and demean his partner. This behavior raises serious concerns about his intentions and respect for boundaries.

Unsurprisingly, the social media post has garnered significant attention, with users expressing their shock and disapproval. Comments such as "RUN B**** RUN!!" and "He's a straight-up creep! Run" flood the post, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

Many users point out the alarming age difference between the couple, suggesting that a 35-year-old man pursuing inexperienced women in their early twenties raises red flags. They stress the importance of finding a partner closer in age, someone who shares common ground and mutual respect.

The general sentiment among commenters is clear: the user should distance herself from this toxic relationship as soon as possible. The boyfriend's controlling behavior and lack of empathy are cause for concern, and it is crucial for the user's well-being that she prioritizes her own happiness and safety.

This eye-opening social media post serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of open communication, respect, and consent in intimate relationships. It sheds light on the damaging effects of controlling behavior and highlights the need for individuals to prioritize their own well-being. Remember, no one should ever feel pressured or disrespected in their own relationship.

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Top Comments from Imgur


RUN B**** RUN!!


It's all really bad but 5 and 6 are pretty much r*** apologetics so yeah...


More red flags than a communist rally.


He's a straight up creep! run


I think, that it's extremely, EXTREMELY rare that someone's first sexual experience is any good. Mine s*****, everyone I know talks about how their first experience actually kinda s*****. It's not what people imagine it to be. That's ok. We learn, we grow, we find what we like and what works. But that s*** right there, that PoS is shaming her, grooming her and already getting into the mental and psych abuse. I really hope she blocks his number, and runs the other way and never looks back.


Everyone's talking about the list, but the flags started waving for me when she said she was 20 and he was 35.


holy cringe. the winky face, the numbered list, "look it up", the general d*****baggery, this is giving me secondhand embarrassment


Find someone closer to your own age, after a while you will realize you have more in common with them than someone almost twice your age.


tell me you watched too much p*** without telling me you watch p***. Life isn't p***. the sooner one understands it, the more fun sex can be.


There's a reason a 35 year old is going after inexperienced girls in their early 20s, women with experience and confidence don't put up with his s***. Run, run far, run fast, and carry mace.

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