Golfer's Patience Tested: The Unfortunate Reality of Mansplaining on the Green

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent video that has gone viral on social media, a female golfer's encounter with an overly enthusiastic male golfer has shed light on the persistent issue of mansplaining. The video, titled "It never stops," captures a moment where the golfer's patience is tested as she tries to perfect her swing.

The video starts innocently enough, with the golfer making her way onto the green. However, it quickly becomes apparent that her peaceful practice session is about to be interrupted. As she sets up for her swing, a male golfer approaches her, seemingly eager to offer his unsolicited advice.

The comments section is flooded with reactions to the video, with many expressing frustration and empathy towards the female golfer. One user comments, "God, it must be frustrating for her. She can't explain that she's a pro without him bombarding her with annoying questions, but she also can't tell him off without facing potential backlash. It's a lose-lose situation for women, and it's incredibly unfair."

Another user shares a relatable tweet, saying, "I read a tweet once: 'My girlfriend is explaining mansplaining wrong, and I honestly don't know what to do about it.' It perfectly captures the absurdity of this situation."

The video strikes a chord with many viewers, particularly those who are familiar with the golfing community. One commenter, who has been golfing for two decades, reveals, "I've never had a stranger comment on my swing. It's actually considered bad golf etiquette. This is something that only seems to happen to women, and it's degrading."

The female golfer in the video remains composed and polite throughout the encounter, even though the male golfer fails to listen to her explanation that she is going through a swing change. Despite her clear communication, he persists in offering advice that is either misguided or disregards her expertise.

The comments section is filled with stories and experiences from women in various fields who share similar encounters with mansplaining. A female programmer with 20 years of experience laments, "It truly never stops. People always assume that the guy knows more, even if he confuses Java with JavaScript."

While the video highlights a frustrating and all-too-common scenario, it also sparks conversations about the need for change. Many commenters express their support for the female golfer and call for an end to mansplaining. One user shares a valuable rule of coaching, stating, "Rule #1 of coaching: never coach anyone who has not asked for or signed up for coaching."

Overall, this video serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by women in male-dominated spaces and the importance of respecting others' expertise and autonomy. It's crucial that we continue to raise awareness and strive for a more inclusive and equal society, where everyone's contributions are valued and acknowledged, regardless of gender.

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Top Comments from Imgur


God it must s***, she can't explain she is pro without him asking a bunch of annoying questions but she also can't tell him to f*** off without risking some reprisal. Being quiet is often the safest choice for women and that f***ing sucks.


I’m pretty sure that dude only wanted to talk to the pretty girl, but he had no other conversational methods than this mansplaining bs


I read a tweet once: "My girlfriend is explaining mansplaining wrong and I honestly don't know what to do about it."


It's hardly surprising that at a golf course, places founded on misogyny and racism, that they are full of misogynists and racists. They also takes up a s*** tonne of water resource, kill natural habitats, and pollute ecosystems with weed killers and pesticides. Get rid of them.


I’ve also been golfing for 20 years. I’ve never had a stranger comment on my swing. It’s actually bad golf etiquette.


i've played golf for years. i'm male. never has another male come up to me with unsolicited advice. this is only s*** people do to mansplain to women. Its f***ing degrading and needs to stop.


did she actually change anything with that swing? i am not a golf enjoyer, or even understander, so i have no idea what that dude was even talking about changing.


She clearly says she’s going through a swing change. Mr 30 year golfer ether doesn’t know what that is or wasn’t listening


She was way too nice. I get that she had to be considering how explosive some men can be. However, the dude should've minded his own damn business and the woman shouldn't have to protect his Fabergé egg of an ego.


Rule #1 of coaching, never coach anyone who has not asked for or signed up for coaching.

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