Saving the Bees: A Heroic Act of Compassion

Avery Emberly

Updated Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a emotional display of compassion and dedication, a brave beekeeper took it upon herself to save a colony of bees that had been living in a backyard shed for over two years. The landlord initially wanted to call an exterminator, but the family who lived there decided to take a different approach, calling in the help of the remarkable beekeeper.

Upon arriving at the scene, the beekeeper discovered a massive hive filled with gentle bees hidden beneath the shed's floor. Determined to ensure the survival of these precious pollinators, she carefully removed another section of the floor to gain complete access to the hive. With utmost care, she began the delicate task of transferring the hive into a new home.

Every piece of comb removed from the original hive was diligently placed in the new one, ensuring that the bees would have everything they needed to thrive. As the beekeeper scooped bees into the new hive, a remarkable sight unfolded before her eyes. The bees, almost as if in perfect harmony, marched right into their new abode. A stream of bees soon followed, emerging from under the floor and joining their companions in the new hive.

Patiently, the beekeeper observed the crowd, hoping to catch a glimpse of the queen bee. After approximately 15 minutes, the queen appeared, and the beekeeper swiftly secured her in a clip for her safety. With the queen now in the new hive, other bees began sending signals to guide their fellow colony members back home.

Leaving the hive overnight, the beekeeper returned the next day to a emotional sight. The entire colony had successfully made their way to their new home. It was a triumphant moment, another great day of saving the bees.

The video documenting this incredible act of heroism garnered significant attention, with users flooding the comments section with admiration and awe. One user exclaimed, "She's a keeper!" while another referred to her as the "Queen Bee of Bee Hives." People marveled at her calm demeanor, with one user wondering if she secreted a pheromone that prevented her from getting stung. The beekeeper's lack of protective gear also caught the attention of viewers, prompting theories about an enhanced state of chill that emanated from her, much like an orca diver who fearlessly interacts with stingrays.

While some questioned the absence of gloves and protective equipment, others praised her courageousness, labeling her actions as nothing short of heroic. Commenters were astounded by her ability to work with bees while letting her hair down, as bees have a tendency to be attracted to hair. And of course, there were those who couldn't help but find the beekeeper's attractive appearance captivating, referring to her as the "Sexy Bee Lady."

Despite the mixed reactions to the beekeeper's narrating style, her work was highly appreciated. Some viewers found her voice endearing, expressing their desire for her to narrate their lives. Others, however, found her whispering and childlike tone irritating, choosing to mute the videos altogether. Nevertheless, the overwhelming sentiment was one of gratitude and admiration for the beekeeper's noble efforts.

This incredible story serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting our pollinators. Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem, and their dwindling population is a cause for concern. Thanks to the selflessness and expertise of individuals like this beekeeper, we can take steps towards preserving these essential creatures. Together, we can create a world where bees thrive, ensuring the continued pollination of our plants and the future of our planet.

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she's a keeper!


She truly is the Queen Bee of Bee Hives.


That is excellent Work!


Does she secrete some sort of pheromone that allows her not to get stung? I could never be that calm handling that many bees.


Why no protective equipment??


I've seen accounts of orca feasting on stingrays, and actually offering a tasty stingray treat to the underwater videographer. This beemeister needs no gloves or protective equipment. Theory: I posit both the orca diver and Beemeister are in an enhanced level of chill, completely in the zone, and when they achieve that zone, exude a calmness pheromone that both the Orcas and Bees can smell or sense.


I love her voice so much


I appreciate the work this person does, but the narrating is just really irritating. Why are they whispering and talking as if they're reading a children's book? I have to mute these videos, it's annoying and it makes no sense at all.


Who downvotes this? Some @OP stalker perhaps 🤔 +1 updoot


Gotta make sure my hairs right before we film this

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