Crazy Video Shows Bird's Endless Battle with a Clever Trick

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are birds really as dumb as we think? A viral video making the rounds on social media seems to suggest otherwise. In this crazy clip, a bird finds itself in a never-ending battle with a clever trick, leaving viewers in stitches and questioning the intelligence of our feathered friends.

The video, which has gained thousands of views and comments, starts innocently enough. A bird is perched on a ledge, seemingly unaware of the trap that awaits. As it approaches a mirror, the bird is momentarily fooled into thinking it has found a potential rival. It lunges towards the reflection, only to collide with the glass.

"If Wile E. Coyote had only known about this trick," one commenter quips, referencing the famous cartoon character's failed attempts to catch the elusive Road Runner.

But the hilarity doesn't end there. Some viewers noticed a peculiar detail – the clip appears to be the same sequence played twice, only mirrored the second time. "Didn't fall for it. The mirror thing. This isn't 2 instances. It's one repeated," a viewer astutely observes. This revelation leads to a fascinating discussion about perception and the gullibility of pigeons.

While some commenters argue that the bird's repeated falls indicate a lack of intelligence, others come to its defense. "You shouldn't pigeon hole all birds as being dumb," one user advises, highlighting the diversity of avian intelligence.

The video also sparks a comedic exchange among viewers, with references to skunks, free tacos, and even renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. It's clear that this feathered fiasco has captured the imagination of many.

Despite the bird's repeated mishaps, what truly tickles viewers is its lack of reaction. "The fact that they don't even twitch as they fall is what makes it funny to me," a commenter remarks. Another adds, "You would think the bird would put its wings out, but nope... just surrendering to fate."

As with any viral video, there are always skeptics. Some eagle-eyed viewers quickly deduced that the video was actually a cleverly edited loop, featuring the same bird twice but reversed the second time. "It's literally the same bird 2x just reversed the second time," a viewer explains after watching it multiple times.

Amidst the laughter, questions arise about the purpose of capturing these birds. "What are they doing with these birds? Eating them?" wonders one concerned commenter. Others joke about the potential for a never-ending cycle of catching and releasing the same bird.

Regardless of the video's true intentions, one thing is certain – it has brought joy and amusement to viewers around the world. So the next time you encounter a bird, take a moment to appreciate their antics and remember, they may not be as dumb as they appear. After all, even birds have their own unique charm and intelligence.

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If Wile E. Coyote had only known about this trick.


Is this the same clip played twice, only mirrored the second time?




You shouldn’t pigeon hole all birds as being dumb.


Didn't fall for it. The mirror thing. This isn't 2 instances. It's one repeated. I wonder how many pigeons among us watched this and thought it was two times.


“Aha! I have caught.. a skunk..


At the very least that bird is dumb, keeps falling for the same trap


Same basic thing happened to me but it was a van that said free tacos on the side. I'm not smart.


Crows are birds and they’re not dumb.


And just like that: dinner!

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