Adorable Video Reveals Louie's Humorous Secret on Walks

Harper Quill

Updated Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever seen a dog that can't wait to go home? Well, meet Louie, the adorable pup who has a little secret when it comes to his walks. In a inspirational video that has taken the internet by storm, Louie's favorite part of the walk is when he's going home.

People often make assumptions about Louie, thinking that he's slow because he's old. But the truth is, Louie is no ordinary dog. He knows exactly when he's headed back to his cozy abode. In the video, Louie's owner playfully asks him if he wants to go home, making sure to speak into his good ear since he's partially deaf. And without hesitation, Louie's tail starts wagging, and he eagerly begins his journey back.

The comments on the video are filled with amusement and relatable experiences. One user comments, "Home is where the food is! I'm with Louie." It seems that Louie's priorities align with many of us who enjoy the comforts of home, especially when it comes to mealtime.

Another user jokingly adds, "Louie's tired of your s*** Karen, go on your own walks." It seems like Louie has mastered the art of manipulating his way back home, and his owner is well aware of his little tricks.

Louie's experience is not uncommon among our furry friends. Many pet owners can relate to having a dog that becomes slower and more reluctant to continue the walk as they approach home. One user shares, "My mom's dog does the opposite. Starting a walk, she is jogging and happy. When she knows we're heading home, she slows down and pouts." It's as if they know that the fun is coming to an end and want to savor every moment outside.

But Louie's behavior also highlights the intelligence and adaptability of our canine companions. As one user shares, "Dogs can fib. My childhood dog would limp to gain sympathy whenever he was being told off. He was a good dog though." It's fascinating to see how dogs can manipulate situations to their advantage, even if it means tugging at our heartstrings.

Some comments express concern for Louie's well-being, suggesting that his breathing difficulties might be the reason he's eager to head back home. One user expresses, "Probably because that poor thing can't breathe." While it's important to consider the health of our pets, Louie's adorable antics and enthusiasm for going home show us that he still finds joy in his daily walks.

Louie's charming personality has captured the hearts of many. As one user playfully suggests, "Can I make Louie be my patronus?" It seems that Louie's positive energy and eagerness to head back home make him a perfect candidate for a patronus, the magical protector in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

In the end, Louie's video reminds us of the unique quirks and personalities our furry companions possess. Whether they enjoy the journey or eagerly anticipate the destination, they bring endless joy and laughter into our lives. So, the next time you take your dog for a walk, pay attention to their behavior. Who knows, they might just have a humorous secret like Louie.

Remember, every dog has their own preferences, and it's our job to cherish and understand them. Louie has shown us that home truly is where the heart is, and for him, it's the best part of every walk.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Poor little potato


Home is where the food is! I'm with Louie 😁


Louie's tired of your s*** Karen, go on your own walks.


Walking uphill vs walking downhill


Ha my friends dog is the same! He’s a total couch potato


Dogs can fib. My childhood dog got hit by a car as an adolescent, not a puppy but not yet 1 year. He dislocated his hip and needed quite major surgery, but recovered completely. For the rest of his life when he was being told off he would limp to gain sympathy. He was a good dog though.


My mom's dog is about 14 yo and she does the opposite. Starting a walk she is jogging and happy. When she knows we're heading home she slows down and pouts.


Probably bc that poor thing can't breathe


That dog's a f***ing mess and doesn't want to be exerting itself. Ofc it's relieved to be heading back. Poor animal.


The pug of my wife was the same, as he was young, he was slow on the way home and fast on the way everywhere else. As he was getting old my wife said, he can’t go any fast, till I showed here, when you whisper „Essen“ to him and turn the way to home, he still was Lightning fast

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