The Silly Journey of Hotel Buffet Breakfast: A Comedy of Culinary Choices

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Monday, April 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of hotel buffet breakfasts, there exists a journey that many of us have embarked upon. It is a journey filled with anticipation, temptation, and ultimately, a silly series of choices. Thanks to a tweet shared by the witty user @Pundamentalism, we can now explore the stages of this culinary adventure.

The tweet, accompanied by a screenshot, takes us through the "STAGES OF HOTEL BUFFET BREAKFAST" in a comical manner. It all begins with the innocent admiration of the healthy selection of yogurt and fruit. We've all been there, eyeing those colorful bowls with a sense of virtuous intent. However, as the journey unfolds, we quickly realize that our initial intentions may not hold strong.

Step two introduces us to a strange grill machine, where our protagonist decides to toast a piece of bread. Little do they know that this innocent act of toasting will soon lead them down a path of indulgence and chaos. Step three takes us to a point of no return, as our breakfast aficionado consumes a staggering amount of bacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs. Quantity prevails over reason, and restraint is nowhere to be found.

But alas, as life would have it, step four brings us face-to-face with a calamity. The toast, once promising and golden, is now burnt to a crisp. It meets its unfortunate fate in the bin, leaving our protagonist in a state of toast-induced despair. Yet, amid the wreckage, a glimmer of hope emerges in step five.

With the toast discarded, our breakfast enthusiast attempts to reclaim a sliver of healthiness by consuming a meager portion of fruit. Four grapes and a piece of melon become the saving grace, the symbolic act of balancing indulgence with a t***n gesture towards well-being.

The tweet, timestamped at "5:07 AM · 3/28/24 · 5.6K Views," captures the essence of this relatable journey. It resonates with countless individuals who have navigated the treacherous waters of hotel buffet breakfasts, succumbing to the allure of limitless options and experiencing the consequences of their choices.

As we delve into the comments, we witness a mix of amusement and personal anecdotes. Users resonate with the scenario painted by @Pundamentalism, sharing their own breakfast escapades and quirks. Whether it's the familiarity of burning toast or the debate between smooth juice and extra pulp, the comments highlight the universality of the hotel buffet breakfast experience.

So, the next time you find yourself facing an array of breakfast choices at a hotel buffet, remember the stages outlined by @Pundamentalism. Embrace the humor in the journey, savor the indulgence, and perhaps, just maybe, save some room for a few grapes and a piece of melon. Bon appét**, and may your hotel buffet breakfast adventures always be filled with laughter and memorable moments.

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#50 that sounds like waffle house with extra steps


#4 Even with his last name blacked out ... This seems like a bad thing to be freely available on the Internet...


#30 I honestly don't get it. Am I having a stronk?


#1 Arrive at 5:11am, being 11 minutes too late for hotel f***ing buffet breakfast.


#21 I'd guess this is just scented distilled water. Distilled water is better for irons due to the (SUPPOSED) lack of mineral build up.



#6 this is amazing.


#44 Born and raised in Florida, I always go for pulped juice. Smooth juice is fine, but pulped is superior.


#14 this was the weirdest experience of US. I can see it so I can walk there? Nope.


#44 My wife. She says she likes to chew her juice. I just look at her with alarm and a tinge of anxiety.

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