Unveiling the Enigmatic Collaboration: Hank Green and Elle Cordova of Reina del Cid

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a mesmerizing collaboration that has taken the internet by storm, renowned YouTuber and science communicator Hank Green has joined forces with the incredibly talented Elle Cordova of the band Reina del Cid. This unlikely duo has created a thought-provoking video that has left viewers both captivated and questioning the very fabric of our existence.

The video, which features Elle Cordova reciting a poignant poem she wrote, has sparked a flurry of discussions and reactions from the online community. Commenters were quick to identify Elle Cordova as the mastermind behind the powerful words that accompany the video. Her ability to evoke emotion and provoke deep contemplation with her artistry is truly remarkable.

One comment in particular caught the attention of many, as it humorously reminded viewers that there was no cheese during the "good old days." This lighthearted remark served as a reminder to take a step back from the profound concepts and appreciate the humor in the discussion.

The video also delves into the mind-boggling concept of time before the Big Bang. As commenters grappled with the idea of a universe without time, one person aptly pointed out that it's unclear if "before the Big Bang" even holds any meaning. The sheer complexity of this topic left many viewers feeling a sense of discomfort, as they pondered the incomprehensible nature of our existence.

It is important to note that the Big Bang theory, while widely accepted, is still just a theory. As one commenter astutely observed, 200 years ago, the prevailing belief was that God created the universe. This serves as a reminder that our understanding of the cosmos is constantly evolving, and who knows what groundbreaking theories will emerge in the next two centuries.

The collaboration between Hank Green and Elle Cordova has not only stirred intellectual curiosity but has also garnered praise for its artistic brilliance. Elle Cordova's mesmerizing performance has left viewers in awe, with one comment expressing deep admiration for her talent and the quality of her content.

Adding a touch of humor to the thought-provoking video, Hank Green, known for his wit and humor, shared a funny fact about snakes. Quoting his character, The Fix, he revealed that in this world, every snake comes equipped with one snake d***. While seemingly bizarre at first, this revelation led to the realization that half of all snakes possess two snake d***s, a true testament to the wonders of our world.

The video also explores the intriguing concept that our universe may have originated from a white hole, an exhaust from an immense black hole in another dimension. This mind-bending theory proposes that our universe was violently expelled and churned like a blender, resulting in the wondrous cosmos we inhabit today. The sheer magnitude of this concept has left many viewers in awe of the vast possibilities that lie beyond our comprehension.

Elle Cordova's poem has struck a chord with audiences, evoking strong emotions and even giving some viewers chills. The beauty of the English language and the power it holds to convey profound ideas has been praised by commenters, who have expressed a desire to see this masterpiece illustrated in book form for readers of all ages to enjoy.

The collaboration between Hank Green and Elle Cordova has not only captivated the online community but has also sparked interest in Elle Cordova's music. A fan of her work revealed purchasing one of her albums, "The Cooling," and adoring it. This testament to her musical talent showcases the multifaceted nature of her artistry.

As discussions continued to unfold, one commenter humorously summed up the essence of the video, stating that the "good old days" were characterized by the absence of both religion and economy. This playful comment serves as a reminder to appreciate the simplicity of the past while acknowledging the complexities of the present.

The collaboration between Hank Green and Elle Cordova of Reina del Cid has left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide. Their thought-provoking video has sparked discussions about the origins of the universe, the nature of time, and the beauty of language. With their combined talents, they have created a masterpiece that will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

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The girl is Elle Cordova of the band Reina del Cid who wrote the poem.


And there was no cheese, remember that next time someone talks about "the good old days"


While true, one thing that blew my mind recently was the realization that there is a velocity that matches the big bang, that is, the closest thing there is to "universally stationary". By studying redshift in the cosmic microwave background radiation, you can determine that neutral velocity. Of course, we also know that there's nothing special about that reference frame; it behaves just as all others do.


What time is it before time exists


It's not clear that "before the Big Bang" has any meaning whatsoever. There was no time. Umm... my head is starting to feel uncomfortable... @_@


To be clear the big bang is only the best theory we have at the moment. 200 years ago the best theory was that God did it. Who knows what the best theory will be in 200 years


ok that f***ed me up


"there was no crime, make of that what you will...could leave your door open couldn't you, because it didn't exist"


"Did you know that every snake in this world there's one snake d***. And at first when think about you think, "Well, yeah, that makes sense", but then when yoy really rhink about it means half the snakes out there have two snake d***s. And that's a true fact about our world." ~ The Fix, played by Hank Green


Shes so good and makes a lot of brilliant content.

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