Sweet Gesture: Amazon Seller's Touching Response to Customer's Balloon Order

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a sweet display of compassion and understanding, an Amazon seller recently went above and beyond to make a customer's day a little brighter. The story began when Shannon Harwood, known as "@shannonhar95" on social media, ordered balloons with a powerful message for her mother who was finishing her chemotherapy treatments.

Shannon's post featured a screenshot of an email she received from the seller, Eighty80 LTD. In the post, Shannon expressed her frustration, saying, "Ordered balloons for my mummy finishing chemo on Tuesday saying 'f*** cancer' and got this this morning πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„." The email message from the seller started off with an apology, stating that they encountered an unexpected problem with completing Shannon's order.

However, what followed in the message from the seller truly touched the hearts of many. The seller, identified as Noelle from Eighty80 LTD, explained that they had refunded Shannon's order because they agreed with the sentiment behind the balloons. They assured her that the balloons were still on their way and suggested using the refunded money to get some cake.

The response from Noelle at Eighty80 LTD exemplifies the power of empathy and understanding. Despite the issue with the order, the seller embraced the sentiment expressed on the balloons and took the opportunity to make a positive impact on Shannon's day. The gesture not only shows the seller's commitment to customer satisfaction but also their genuine care for the emotional well-being of their customers.

The post quickly garnered attention and generated a flood of positive comments. Users praised the seller's thoughtful response, with one comment stating, "This is the way you run a business. It's not how you become a billionaire, but no one likes those anyways." Others expressed their appreciation for the seller's attention to detail, mentioning personalized notes and little candies that some sellers include.

The story struck a chord with many, as cancer has unfortunately touched the lives of countless individuals and their loved ones. The phrase "F*** cancer" resonated with commenters who shared their own experiences and sentiments. One user commented, "I've read this a dozen times, and it still brings tears to my eyes. BTW: F*** CANCER (including but not limited to my blood cancer)."

The sweet nature of this story highlights the impact that small acts of kindness and understanding can have on someone's day. It serves as a reminder that behind every online transaction, there are real people who appreciate genuine care and compassion.

This display of empathy from the seller, Noelle at Eighty80 LTD, has not only touched the lives of Shannon and her mother but has also inspired others to support the business. As one commenter mentioned, "I saved this Amazon seller. I'm not usually in the market for balloons, but I'll find a reason."

The story of the Amazon seller's touching response serves as a testament to the power of empathy in business and the potential for small acts of kindness to make a significant impact. It is a sweet reminder that amidst the hustle and bustle of the online marketplace, there are still individuals who go the extra mile to show genuine care and support.

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This is the way you run a business. It's not how you become a billionaire, but no one likes those anyways.


Way to go Noelle


Balloon market is rising from inflation.


I thought they were going to tell her they refused her order because of offensive language. Props to the seller.


I was thinking it was going to be that one balloon said f*** and the other balloon said cancer, but only one was in stock, so we only sent the one. And then you have to wonder which word she got.


F*** cancer!!




I've red this a dozen times. And it still brings tears to my eyes. BTW: F*** CANCER (including but not limited to (my) bloodcancer).


Perfect crop too on this picture so it'll pop up every now and then and no one realizes how old it is. I hope it's doing it's job and giving that balloon company business


Some of those sellers are awesome. Sending personalized notes and little candies.

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