Discover the Hidden Gem: FDNY Ladder Company #8 Still Active and Thriving

Mia Nightshade

Updated Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the bustling streets of New York City, there is a hidden gem that has captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike. It's none other than FDNY Ladder Company #8, the firehouse that served as the iconic headquarters for the Ghostbusters in the beloved movie franchise.

The video showcasing FDNY Ladder Company #8 has garnered immense attention, and the comments from viewers are pouring in. One user expressed, "My favorite movie," highlighting the deep connection fans have with this iconic firehouse. Another person mentioned, "I've been to NYC many times," emphasizing the significance of this landmark in the city's cultural landscape.

Surprisingly, some individuals admitted, "Never occurred to me to go there," while others jokingly exclaimed, "I'm an idiot." Nevertheless, the allure of this firehouse is undeniable. As one comment put it, "One of the only things that could ever get me to go to NYC."

The video also sheds light on the fact that FDNY Ladder Company #8 is an active firehouse to this day. A viewer shared their astonishment, saying, "I just saw it in November, I had no idea it was still an active firehouse." This revelation adds an extra layer of appreciation for the brave firefighters who serve the city and embrace their connection to the Ghostbusters franchise.

Located across the street from an office building, FDNY Ladder Company #8 has become a popular spot for people to capture memorable photographs. As one comment suggests, "Right by my office across the street! People go there all the time for pictures." It's a testament to the enduring love and admiration that people have for this iconic firehouse.

Interestingly, the interior shots of the Ghostbusters' headquarters were filmed in Los Angeles, not in New York City. A viewer shared this tidbit, mentioning, "Also, the interior shots were all in LA." This behind-the-scenes insight adds another layer of fascination to the Ghostbusters' world.

The video has sparked curiosity and intrigue among viewers, with some expressing their desire to visit other firehouses with connections to famous movies. One person commented, "If you go to Los Angeles and find Engine Co. 23, that is where you'll find the firehouse used for the interior filming." It's a reminder of the rich history and cinematic connections that firehouses hold.

In addition to the captivating content, the video has also sparked conversations on various topics. One comment mentions a podcast recommendation, saying, "A little non sequitur, but I just finished listening to Blindspot’s season 1 podcast about 9/11. It’s not conspiracy b*******; just the story of the history leading up to the day. Really interesting for history nerds! Highly recommend." This comment serves as a reminder of the power of online discussions and the way they can lead to valuable recommendations.

Overall, the video showcasing FDNY Ladder Company #8 has captivated audiences with its endearing charm. From fans of the Ghostbusters franchise to those who appreciate the bravery of firefighters, this hidden gem has become a must-visit destination for many. As one viewer expressed, "This is a really endearing, cool, never knew this existed post." So, who ya gonna call? It's time to plan a visit to FDNY Ladder Company #8 and experience the magic for yourself.

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This is very endearing


1. My favorite movie. 2. I've been to NYC many times. 3. Never occurred to me to go there. 4. I'm an idiot. 5. Profit!!


One of the only things that could ever get me to go to NYC.


I just saw it in November, I had no idea it was still an active firehouse.


The rig is called Ecto-1! The rig is called Ecto-1!


I f***ing love firefighters. True, pure heroes. It's cool that they embrace this instead of just being annoyed by it.


Right by my office across the street! People go there all the time for pictures


Awesome post


I learned a thing today. Thanks @OP


If only a platform for sharing videos longer than 1 minute existed.

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