Unveiling the Truth About Emperor Nero: The Original Redditor?

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the vast realm of history, there are figures that captivate our imagination and leave a lasting impact on the collective consciousness. One such individual is none other than Emperor Nero, the subject of countless tales and legends. However, a recent tweet has shed new light on this enigmatic ruler, sparking a wave of curiosity and hilarity across social media platforms.

The tweet in question, posted by Steampunk Author Mikhail J Clive II, delves into the unconventional attributes of Emperor Nero with a humorous twist. It presents a bullet-point list that paints a rather unconventional portrait of this historical figure. From being morbidly obese to sporting a neckbeard, Nero's appearance is described in a way that piques our interest. The tweet even suggests that he had severe mental issues, mommy issues, and was fatherless. But that's not all.

According to the tweet, Emperor Nero believed he was an artist, but everything he created was reportedly less than stellar. Whether it was a case of delusions of grandeur or simply a lack of talent, it adds another layer to this already eccentric character. Additionally, it is mentioned that Nero harbored a deep hatred towards Christians, a sentiment that further fuels the intrigue surrounding his reign.

Accompanying the tweet is an image that juxtaposes two busts side by side. On the left, we see a modern interpretation of Nero, complete with artificially-colored orange hair, an untamed neckbeard, and a displeased expression. It's a depiction that evokes both curiosity and a sense of amusement. On the right, a classic marble sculpture showcases the historical representation of the Roman Emperor, highlighting the stark contrast between the two.

The tweet concludes with a humorous comparison, labeling Nero as the original Redditor. This playful analogy draws parallels between the controversial figure of Emperor Nero and the notorious reputation of Reddit users. It's a connection that sparks laughter and engages social media users in an entertaining discussion.

As the tweet garnered over 573.6K views, 140 comments, 2.9K retweets, and 36K likes, it's evident that the unconventional portrayal of Emperor Nero struck a chord with audiences. It has become a topic of fascination, with people sharing their opinions, historical insights, and even unrelated anecdotes.

While it's important to approach historical figures with a critical lens, this lighthearted take on Emperor Nero invites us to explore his character from a different perspective. It serves as a reminder that even the most renowned figures in history possess quirks and imperfections, making them relatable in their own peculiar way.

So, the next time you stumble upon a discussion about Emperor Nero, take a moment to appreciate the humor and intrigue surrounding this larger-than-life figure. And remember, Nero may have been the original Redditor, but his story continues to captivate us with its twists, turns, and unexpected revelations.

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AND a ginger?


That’s cousin Mose from the beet farm


I'm gonna talk about Nero, because I want to. And you can't stop me. So to understand Nero, you have to understand some basics about Roman culture and its love/hate relationship with Greek culture. There were essentially two separate cultural views among the Roman elite. There was the tempered, stoic, honor focused warrior elite that viewed Greek culture as fine at a distance, but not something a patrician should take part in. And those that embraced completely Greek culture, of having >


I heard he and Boots f***ed an ostrich




Imgur last week: We're different from the other social media. We aren't judgemental. We let people enjoy things. We love equality. We hate bullies. We've outgrown just being "Reddit's image service". Imgur this week: Haha neckbeard Redditor with mental health problems haha! Incel white cis guy lol! Everyone I don't like is a horrible person but I'm great! Upvote this man!


The thing is, some Romans absolutely loved him, to the point they had a Messianic prophecy that he would come back from the dead and save Rome, and numerous people over the centuries actually claimed to be Nero.


Well, at least Nero from Devil May Cry is cool.


I thought you were talking about Trump initially


I’m sorry but the “artist but everything he made was s***” made me think of shad from shadivercity. I was never a big fan but I knew his channel, turns out he’s got awful opinions as well as delusions of grandeur as an artist because he uses AI to generate art. He claims that he spends hours writing prompts to get the results he wants and that makes him an artist, meanwhile his brother is more famous and is actually an artist, this really upsets shad.

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