Unbelievable Discovery: Cars with Sleep Apnea? The Truth Revealed!

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video that has taken the internet by storm, a peculiar phenomenon has been captured on camera. The video, titled "Good car :)", has sparked a heated discussion among viewers as they witness a car exhibiting signs of sleep apnea. Yes, you read that right – cars with sleep apnea!

The video comments are flooded with astonishment and humor, showcasing the diverse reactions from the online community. One user humorously exclaims, "I didn't know cars could have sleep apnea." While another user suggests, "Sounds like a problem with the catalytic converter." It seems like everyone has their own theory about this unexpected occurrence.

Amidst the laughter and speculation, some commenters couldn't help but notice the resemblance between the snoring car and a cat. One comment hilariously states, "Looks more like a cat." Another person playfully blames the feline community, exclaiming, "Feline friends, this is your work!"

The video has even given rise to amusing comparisons, with one viewer suggesting that the car is "snoring like it has 2 jobs." Another commenter creatively coins the term "Couch Hellcat Engine" to describe the unexpected sound coming from the vehicle. It's safe to say that this video has sparked the imagination of many.

However, amidst the lighthearted banter, one comment stands out, shedding light on a serious issue. The user expresses concern about the health problems faced by certain breeds of animals due to breeding practices that result in pushed-in noses and bulging eyes. They advocate against such breeding practices, emphasizing the need to protect the welfare of animals.

While some viewers couldn't resist making jokes, others simply appreciated the moment of respite provided by the snoring car. One comment heartwarmingly states, "That is exactly what I needed to see today. Thank you." It seems this unexpected video has brought a smile to many faces.

As we wrap up this exploration into the world of sleeping cars, it's important to note that the video doesn't reveal the car itself – an amusing irony that hasn't gone unnoticed. One commenter humorously asks, "Where's the car? I want to see the car!" Perhaps the allure of the unseen adds to the intrigue of this viral phenomenon.

This viral video has captivated the internet with its unexpected portrayal of a car exhibiting signs of sleep apnea. The comments range from humorous observations to concerns about animal welfare, showcasing the diverse reactions of the online community. Whether you believe it or not, this video certainly provides a moment of amusement in our daily lives. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the snoring sensation that has taken the internet by storm.

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Top Comments from Imgur


I didnt know cars could have sleep apnea.


Looks more like a cat.


Sounds like a problem with the catalytic converter


F***ing b******s of flat faced cats! This is your work!


Snoring like he has 2 jobs.


Couch Hellcat Engine


Breeding cast with pushed-in noses has resulted in multiple breed have lifelong health problems due to their noses being f***ed up and their eyes bulging so far out that they can't close their eyelids and get scratched corneas. Certain humans should not be allowed to breed, or breed animals.


The sleep of the unemployed.


Cat back exhaust system.


That car runs 0-12 in 3 seconds

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