Mind-Blowing Experiment: Unleashing the Power of Rare Earth Magnets

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Prepare to have your mind blown by the mesmerizing experiment that showcases the incredible power of rare earth magnets. In a video titled "Propagation of sound waves through a 2D solid, modeled using bilamelar arrays of rare earth magnets," a scientist demonstrates the propagation of sound waves through a unique medium.

The video begins with the scientist placing the magnets on a surface, and the noise created sounds remarkably like a duck running across a wooden floor. User comments express their surprise and delight at the unexpected sound produced by the magnets. One user even jokes about the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking's opinion on the matter.

As the video progresses, viewers are left in awe as the scientist flicks the magnets, causing a mesmerizing wave to ripple across the surface. Some users wonder if it is the sound or a disturbance of the magnetic field that is being demonstrated. Others speculate about the "medium" involved, questioning whether it is the magnetic field or the weight of the magnets that causes the slow movement of the wave.

The experiment sparks curiosity, with viewers requesting a longer and slower film to observe the repeated effects of tweaking the magnets in various ways. The video showcases scientific principles in a visually captivating manner, making it easier for everyone to comprehend.

One amusing comment shares a mishap where a slight bump to the table sends the magnet arrangement flying into the air, resulting in 90 minutes of work gone in an instant. However, the user encourages the original poster, assuring them that they understood the purpose of the magnet demonstration and would love to see more of the end result and how the waves interact with each other.

The video garners further interest, with users asking for the source of the video and comparing the phenomenon to Jell-o, but with a chewier texture. The demonstration prompts questions about other types of energy and whether they can be visualized through gas or liquids. The potential for using colored magnets to enhance the visibility of vibrations is also raised.

While some users debate whether the experiment showcases sound waves or not, others suggest adding wires to enable data storage. Cost considerations are also discussed, with one user estimating that the experiment could cost around $800 for the required number of magnets.

Cautionary advice is given to avoid exposing the magnets to water, which might lead to their deterioration. Lastly, a user humorously refers to the experiment as "FORBIDDEN JELLO," adding a touch of lightheartedness to the discussion.

This fascinating video provides a captivating demonstration of the propagation of sound waves through a 2D solid using bilamelar arrays of rare earth magnets. The comments from viewers showcase their excitement, curiosity, and appreciation for the visual representation of scientific principles. If you're looking for a mind-blowing experiment that combines physics and magnetism, this video is a must-watch!

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Top Comments from Imgur


The noise from placing the magnets sounds like a duck running across a wooden floor.


...rhought you were gonna hit it with some sound?


That's a pretty sweet representation. I imagine you can't hit it too hard, but reflection off a "solid" surface would be cool to see.


it is sound or is it a disturbance of the magnetic field?


"It's probably magnets." "Shut up Hawking!"


Ok that's pretty damn cool. What is the "medium" here? The magnetic field or the weight of the magnets, causing the 'wave' to be slow?




don't worry, op. i understood what the purpose of this b****in' magnet demo was. i'd love to see more of the end result and waves interacting with each other


[accidentally bumps table] - WHUMPCKLKCK giant new Voltronned stackmagnetball flies into the air. Aaaaand 90 minutes of work gone.


Always cool when scientific principals can be displayed in a for lack of a better word more visible way.

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