Laser Engraver Reveals its Excitement: The Internet Goes Wild!

Aiden Starling

Updated Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever witnessed a laser engraver with so much enthusiasm that it gets the "zoomies" after completing a job? Well, this video circulating on social media has captured exactly that, leaving viewers amazed and entertained. The comments section is filled with whimsical reactions and questions, making it a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the world of laser engraving.

One user commented, "Did I just connect to the internet?" It seems like this laser engraver's energy and excitement were off the charts, giving the impression that it was somehow connected to the vast web of information. The video certainly sparked curiosity among viewers, wondering how a machine could exude such liveliness.

Another comment that caught our attention was, "I like the part where the laser is really excited when the job is done and gets the zoomies." It's almost as if the laser engraver couldn't contain its joy and had to express it in a playful manner. This unexpected behavior adds an element of fun and amusement to the video.

One observant viewer mentioned, "Am I the only one who was looking for the toolgifs logo?" Attention to detail is always appreciated, and it seems like this viewer was on the lookout for a specific logo. While the logo may not have been present in the video, it's great to see the level of engagement and interest from the audience.

Some viewers couldn't help but notice a slight mishap, as one commenter pointed out, "Anddddd then they realized they accidentally had the volume knob all the way up, so the line was in the wrong spot." It's these little moments that remind us that even the most advanced machines can still encounter small hiccups. Nonetheless, the video's overall impact remains undiminished.

The video also attracted the attention of laser engraving enthusiasts, as one user excitedly shared, "Just bought one. Loving it so far." It's evident that this captivating demonstration has inspired a potential new hobbyist to embark on their own laser engraving journey.

As with any viral video, there were questions to be answered. A curious viewer asked, "Is that the actual sound?" It's fascinating to consider the auditory aspect of the laser engraving process and how it contributes to the overall experience. The sound adds an extra layer of immersion, making it even more satisfying to witness.

Another viewer playfully referred to the laser engraver as a "lazer grave," highlighting the connection between the laser and its ability to etch intricate designs onto various materials. The artistry and precision involved truly make this a remarkable machine to behold.

Intriguing inquiries arose, such as, "Is there a white layer under the black? Or does the laser make the color?" This question taps into the technical aspects of laser engraving, exploring the process behind creating contrasting designs. Understanding the intricacies of this craft adds an additional layer of fascination to the video.

Humor also found its place in the comments section, with one user humorously stating, "These numbers all need to go to 11." This lighthearted reference to the iconic movie "This Is Spinal Tap" brings a smile to the face and showcases the creativity of the viewers.

The video even drew comparisons to renowned musician Tom Morello, as another user amusingly commented, "Sounds like Tom Morello." Connecting the sounds of the laser engraver to a recognizable artist adds an extra layer of humor and relatability to the video.

The desire for control surfaced in the comments section, with one viewer expressing, "I wanna nudge it just a little bit." This sentiment captures the fascination and desire to interact with the laser engraver, even if it's just a small adjustment.

A reference to the iconic line from the movie "Spinal Tap" emerged, with a viewer humorously asking, "Why doesn't it go to 11?" This witty comment resonated with those who understood the reference and added an element of pop culture to the conversation.

Safety concerns were also raised, as one user cautioned, "Hope all the knobs were turned all the way counterclockwise!" Reminding everyone to handle machinery responsibly, this comment serves as a friendly reminder to prioritize safety while enjoying the wonders of laser engraving.

The video even garnered the attention of a software developer specializing in laser engravers. As they expressed, "I write software for laser engravers but nearly never get to see them in action. This is very satisfying to me." It's meaningful to see how this video brings joy and satisfaction to professionals working behind the scenes.

Of course, the internet wouldn't be the internet without a touch of humor that pushes the boundaries. One viewer's comment, while not suitable for repeating verbatim, highlights the unexpected and sometimes risqué nature of online interactions. Let's just say it serves as a reminder to keep the content PG-rated and maintain a respectful environment.

The video concludes with viewers expressing their appreciation, with one comment simply stating, "That's the good stuff right there." It's clear that this laser engraver's demonstration has left a lasting impression on those who watched it.

So, if you're looking for a video that combines excitement, humor, and curiosity, this laser engraver's showcase is the perfect choice. Join the conversation, explore the comments section, and enjoy the fascinating world of laser engraving. "Noice!"

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Did I just connect to the internet?


I like the part where the laser is really excited when the jobs done and gets the zoomies


Am I the only one who was looking for the toolgifs logo?


Anddddd then they realized they accidentally had the volume knob all the way up so the line was in the wrong spot


Just bought one. Loving it so far.


Is that the actual sound?


Ah, it's a lazer grave.


Why doesn't it go to 11?


I wanna nudge it just a little bit


Sounds like Tom Morello

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