Unveiling the Mysterious Encounter: My Friend Might Not Be Human!

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Monday, March 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world filled with surprises, one comic strip has captured the attention of manga enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike. Titled "My Friend Might Not Be Human," this black and white masterpiece takes readers on a journey of shock, humor, and unexpected revelations.

Set in a room with a partially open door and a wooden floor, the first panel of this manga-inspired strip demands attention with its bold statement: "MY FRIEND MIGHT NOT BE HUMAN." Instantly, the reader's curiosity is piqued, wondering what lies ahead in this extraordinary tale.

The second panel, larger and more detailed, showcases a conversation that ignites a mix of nervousness and concern. The dialogue reads, "I SAY THIS BECAUSE I WALKED IN AND SAW..." accompanied by a facial expression that perfectly captures the character's astonishment. A single eye, widened with surprise, emphasizes the intensity of the moment.

And then, it happens. The third panel unravels the unexpected twist that has left readers astounded. A teen girl, with her short hair and hands covering her mouth, gazes towards the right with a look of sheer shock on her face. Her eyes fixate on her friend, who stands at the doorway, revealing an astonishing sight. This second character, also a teenage girl, possesses cat-like features—a pair of ears adorning her head and a bushy tail swaying behind her. It's no wonder the first girl's thought bubble exclaims, "...A TAIL?"

The juxtaposition of emotions in this comic strip is what makes it truly captivating. From the initial statement that hints at a mysterious secret, to the escalating tension and the ultimate unveiling of a friend's extraordinary nature, "My Friend Might Not Be Human" combines humor and drama in an unforgettable way.

As the comments flood in, readers express their astonishment and delight. Some appreciate the Japanese cultural references, acknowledging that "Kitsune" means fox and "Tanuki" refers to a raccoon dog. Others find the strip simply cute, with one commenter exclaiming, "I want to pat both their heads and offer them irresistible treats!" The unexpected turns in the storyline have also sparked amusing speculations, including a "plot twist" involving a furry persona or even a mention of a popular anime series.

Whether you're a fan of manga or simply enjoy a good laugh, this comic strip is a must-read. Its ability to surprise, entertain, and leave readers wanting more is a testament to the creativity and talent behind its creation. So, brace yourself for an extraordinary encounter as you delve into the world of "My Friend Might Not Be Human." Prepare to be captivated, amused, and left in awe by the unexpected twists and turns that await you within these three remarkable panels.

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Kitsune 狐 or キツネ is Fox and Tanuki 狸 or タヌキ is Racoon dog in Japanese FYI




Friendly reminder to read it from right to left, it makes sense then. Took me three pages to realize.


ok I would bear hug both of them for just how bloody adorable they are


I thought the twist was going to be a b*** plug tail


Okay but wheres the b*******?


I.. I want to pat both their heads and offer them irresistible treats. 😭


I was expecting the plot twist to be that she's a furry and it's a fake tail, but that works too.


Yeah this went.. in a different direction than I expected..


Anyone else read Fur by theterm000 by chance? Makes your blood boil.

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