The Wholesome Exorcist: A Priest's Unexpected Twist in Battling Darkness

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, March 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world overrun by paranormal activity and menacing creatures, one priest stands out as an unlikely hero. In a encouraging six-panel black-and-white comic strip titled "Wholesome Exorcist," we witness the extraordinary journey of a priest who challenges our perception of good and evil.

The comic strip begins with an intense scene, as a priest-like figure with glasses and a prominent nose confronts a dark, menacing shadow. Armed with a cross and a bible, he fearlessly performs an exorcism, symbolizing his unwavering faith in the face of darkness.

Transitioning to a different scene, we find ourselves in a domestic setting. The room is dimly lit, hinting at the aftermath of the exorcism. The priest, now visibly exhausted, removes his glasses and wipes his brow, suggesting the immense energy he exerted during the spiritual battle.

The fourth panel brings a sense of relief and satisfaction as the priest's smile radiates with triumph. It becomes evident that the exorcism was successful, alleviating the tension built up in the initial panel. This unexpected twist challenges our preconceived notions of exorcisms and the role of a priest.

Introducing a charming twist, the fifth panel introduces a small devil creature. This adorable and pudgy being, adorned with horns, sits on the floor in a dejected pose. With a single teardrop falling from its eye, it evokes a sense of sympathy and compassion.

In the final panel, we witness the true essence of the "Wholesome Exorcist." The priest, now transformed into a gentle and compassionate figure, extends an offering to the devil creature. The cross, adorned with a smiley face, symbolizes a friendly gesture. It challenges the notion of evil, suggesting that even the most misunderstood beings are deserving of kindness and understanding.

The comments from viewers further highlight the impact of this encouraging comic strip. Many express their appreciation for the unexpected twist, praising the creativity and depth of the story. Some even suggest that this concept would make an intriguing movie or series, exploring the idea of paranormal hunters who reunite "monster" families and aid those in need.

Despite initial misconceptions, the "Wholesome Exorcist" demonstrates the power of compassion and challenges our perception of good and evil. It serves as a reminder that acts of kindness can transform even the darkest corners of our world. So, let us embrace the unexpected and extend a hand of understanding to those who may appear different from us.

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Upvote for describing that this is part of an anthology. Too many people post a comic that makes no sense and / or isn’t funny on its own unless you know it’s part of a series.


this would make a pretty decent movie / series. Paranormal Hunters seem all hell bent on destroying the "monsters" and are called in to save the humans. And in reality they are just reuniting "monster" families and helping those "monsters" in need.


Such a bad part of town, even the rats are mugging each other.




Beautiful work!


Oh no... when the priest reached for the child demon I thought this was about to be about m*****ation 😬 didn't read the title so glad its wholesome omg


if Helluva Boss came to the world of the living........ but wholesome


I absolutely love this! I want a series now where a surly, but heart of gold on the inside priest does this for a living. And each time it seems like he's on a mission to do exactly what you think, but instead he's tipping the scales of perception of what is 'evil' into a stronger direction for kindness. It's like if the creatures in Clive Barker's "Cabal" (movie form: Nightbreed) had an unlikely protector.


Priest abducts child, forces them into homelessness.


Well, s***. This is wholesome.

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