Unleashing the Extraordinary: Witness the Incredible Horse Side Archery Skills

Riley Sundew

Updated Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever seen someone shoot a bow and arrow while riding a horse? It may sound like something out of a movie, but this incredible video proves that it's very much real. In this jaw-dropping display of skill and precision, a talented individual showcases their horse side archery abilities, armed with a bow and arrow, and shooting with remarkable accuracy.

One user comment pointed out, "That's not horse back. That's horse side." Indeed, this unique posture adds an extra level of difficulty to an already challenging task. The archer must maintain balance and control while the horse is galloping at a slant, showcasing their exceptional horsemanship and archery prowess simultaneously.

Another comment shares a fascinating historical connection, revealing a family history rooted in horse archery for war. They trace their lineage back to the 1650s when their ancestors arrived in Canada with Lord Frontenac's army, specifically for this purpose. Even before discovering their heritage, many of them possessed an uncanny natural ability for horsemanship and archery, suggesting that these skills may run in their DNA.

The video also sparks curiosity about the horse's perspective. As one commenter wonders, "Really makes you wonder what the horse is thinking when he sees this out of the corner of his eye." The bond between rider and horse is evident, as they seamlessly coordinate their movements, showcasing the incredible trust and communication between them.

This awe-inspiring display of horseback archery brings to mind the Mongolian archers, renowned for their exceptional skills in shooting while riding horses. They were the originators of the famous "Parthian shot," a tactic where they would fake a retreat, face backwards, and shoot their pursuers, causing chaos and confusion. What makes their achievements even more impressive is that these maneuvers were performed before the invention of stirrups, relying solely on their leg strength and horsemanship abilities.

The strength and agility required for this feat cannot be understated. As one comment mentions, "Wow, strong obliques" and "Those thighs tho." The archer's physical fitness plays a crucial role in maintaining stability and accuracy while shooting from horseback. It's no wonder that viewers are left awestruck by the sheer athleticism displayed in this video.

While the video captivates with its breathtaking display of skill, one can't help but wonder, "Did he hit his target?" Unfortunately, the outcome is not revealed in the footage. However, the precision and control demonstrated throughout the performance suggest that the archer is likely to have achieved their goal.

This mesmerizing video showcases the extraordinary talent of an individual who possesses the rare ability to shoot a bow and arrow while riding a horse. Their horse side archery skills, combined with their deep-rooted historical connection to the art of horse archery, make this a truly remarkable display. So, buckle up and get ready to be amazed by this incredible demonstration of skill, agility, and precision.

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That's not horse back. That's horse side.


Fun thing, talked with a guy who was apparently one of the best archers in Europe. He mentioned that he went to basically an "internship"1/2


Horse is used to galloping at a slant.


Shooting is one thing. Hitting your target is another.


My family history is as horse archers for war, waaaaay back. We came to Canada in the 1650s with Lord Frontenac’s army, specifically for that purpose, but one of the men stayed and here we are still in Canada, and have been for almost 400 years. I dunno if natural horsemanship can run in the DNA, but even before we found out about our history, many of us have an uncanny natural ability for horsemanship and archery.


Mongolian archers were insanely good at shooting while riding horses. They originated what became known as the "Parthian shot" where they'd fake a retreat, face backwards, and shoot their pursuers, causing total chaos. Maybe the most impressive thing is all these horseback moves were being done before stirrups were invented. All legs for holding on, and guiding the horse. No small part in how they expanded their empire.


Elite Mangudai upgrade, Parthian tactics - gg


I wonder what its like to be a badass


Really makes you wonder what the horse is thinking when he sees this out of the corner of his eye


Boy is beautiful

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