The Truth About Stagnant Wages: Why Americans Have Been Struggling for Decades

Zoey Waverider

Updated Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered why wages in the United States have remained stagnant for the past two decades? Well, a recent video on social media has sparked a conversation about this very issue, shedding light on the struggles that many Americans face when it comes to their income. Let's dive into the comments and see what people are saying.

One user commented, "Accurate for around 20 years. So far." This comment highlights the unfortunate reality that wages have not seen significant growth in a long time. It's a concerning trend that has affected countless individuals.

Another user expressed their frustration, stating, "We started at the bottom and we're still here." This sentiment reflects the disappointment many Americans feel as they work hard day in and day out, only to see little to no improvement in their financial situation.

One commenter found it bizarre that there is no annual increase in wages to match inflation and growth. They questioned how this acceptance has become the norm. It's a valid point that raises eyebrows and prompts us to question the system we live in.

Corporate greed is a topic that also emerges in the video's comments. One user pointed out, "Meanwhile, corporate-greed is speeding along in a jet overhead." This observation highlights the stark contrast between the struggles of the average worker and the excessive wealth accumulated by big corporations.

Inflation and corporate greed seem to be key factors contributing to the stagnant wages. While inflation hasn't been too severe in recent years, corporate greed continues to hinder any meaningful improvement in workers' paychecks.

The relatability of the video is evident, with many users expressing their own personal experiences. One person shared their frustration, saying, "Got my yearly raise this month. Started out with 'your increase didn't keep up with inflation.' Great. Worked hard for the company and am now technically making less money." This comment showcases the disillusionment that can arise when hard work doesn't translate into financial stability.

Another user revealed their dilemma, stating, "I make a solid salary and I'm debating 'overworking' because money does not go as far..." This comment highlights the financial strain faced by even those who earn a decent income. It's a reminder that the cost of living continues to rise without a corresponding increase in wages.

The video's comments also touch on the situation in other countries. One user mentioned that Canada's minimum wage is set to increase, albeit not enough to keep up with rising costs. This comparison sheds light on the disparity in wages between different nations.

The call for action is echoed in the comments, with users questioning if anything will ever be done to address the issue. It's a valid concern that many share, as the struggle for fair wages persists.

The video and its comments have shed light on the unfortunate reality of stagnant wages in the United States. The lack of annual increases to match inflation and growth, coupled with corporate greed, has left many hardworking Americans struggling to make ends meet. It's a problem that requires attention and action to ensure a fair and prosperous future for all.

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Accurate for around 20 years. So far.


We started at the bottom and we’re still here


Really weird that in the US there isn't a annual increase for wages according to inflation and growth. I know the answer for why, but how it's just accepted is the weird part.


cc: the last twenty years


Meanwhile, corporate-greed is speeding along in a jet overhead.


Actually. In 2024, inflation hasn’t been too bad. Corporate greed though..


So relatable


Got my yearly raise this month. Started out with “your increase didn’t keep up with inflation.” Great. Worked hard for the company and am now technically making less money.


I make a solid salary and im debating "overworking" because money does not go as far...


Are we ever going to do anything about it?

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