Shocking Video Exposes Racist Encounter During Amazon Delivery

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a shocking video that has gone viral on social media platforms, an Amazon delivery driver captured a disturbing encounter with two individuals that has sparked outrage and calls for action. The video, which has been viewed by thousands of people around the world, sheds light on the ongoing issue of racism and mistreatment faced by individuals in the service industry.

The video begins with an Amazon delivery driver, whose identity remains undisclosed, attempting to deliver a package to a residence in a seemingly quiet neighborhood. However, what should have been a routine delivery quickly escalated into a distressing situation. Two individuals, described as "wealthy entitled a******s" by a viewer comment, confronted the delivery driver and subjected her to racial profiling and assault.

As the video progresses, the driver can be seen trying to remain calm and composed, despite the blatant disrespect and mistreatment she endured. Viewer comments expressed admiration for her restraint, with one comment stating, "I don't think I'd have the restraint this lady has. I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my cool if she kept assaulting me. Just because you're older doesn't give you the right to do whatever."

The comments section of the video highlights widespread support for the delivery driver and condemnation of the individuals involved. Many viewers called for legal action and a delivery ban on the building where the incident took place, to ensure the safety and well-being of delivery personnel. One viewer even suggested creating an app similar to TripAdvisor, where delivery workers can rate properties and addresses based on safety concerns, helping to prevent future encounters like this.

The video has also sparked a larger conversation about racial profiling and the mistreatment of service workers. One viewer commented, "Amazon driver so she's probably getting fired for the unfortunate crime of being black in a white neighborhood. I f***ing hate this reality." The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals in marginalized communities, who often encounter discrimination in their daily lives.

While the video does not show the faces of the individuals involved, viewers expressed a desire for accountability. Some suggested waiting outside the building with cameras, while others advocated for contacting the recipient of the package to gather more information about the incident. The hope is that exposing the actions of these individuals will lead to a reckoning and a change in behavior.

In response to the video, Amazon is urged to take immediate action by issuing a delivery ban on the building in question. This would require residents to collect their packages from a designated depot, ensuring the safety of delivery personnel. Additionally, viewers called for legal action to be taken against the individuals responsible for the assault and harassment faced by the driver.

The video serves as a powerful reminder that no one should have to endure mistreatment or discrimination while simply trying to do their job. It is essential for society to stand together against racism and hold individuals accountable for their actions. By shedding light on incidents like this, we can strive for a more inclusive and respectful world for all.

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Top Comments from Imgur


(as an old white man) f*** these stupid racist hoes. I truthfully hope they get a record (I know jail is out of the question in Houston).


So unfortunately I know too many wealthy entitled a******s like this and the only thing that seems to work is to cause a scene, they hate being embarrassed in public. So very loudly but calmly state, You are violating my body! You are hurting me! Please take your hands off of my body! I do not consent to you touching me! Do it loudly and on repeat until others come to see what the commotion is - they will almost always back away from you. Be forceful but try to get away and record everything


Someone needs to make a trip adviser like app for delivery people so they can rate certain properties and addresses and just boycott deliveries based on of the literal danger to them.


Amazon driver so she's probably getting fired for the unfortunate crime of being black in a white neighborhood. I f***ing hate this reality


At what point do people start waiting outside these places with cameras for this old b**** to show her face? When do we contact the recipient of the package and ask THEM about what happened? Why did the driver NOT get this woman's face? F*** everything about this, and YES...Amazon should ABSOLUTELY place a delivery ban on this building. Make those f***ers go to a pickup locker instead. Convenience removed, problem solved.


More then enough proof to sue her for assault and harassment & racial profiling.


I can't even imagine the willpower it took to not simple punch that old woman in the face. What a racist c***.


"Excuse me, don't touch me." "No." Get f***ed, old lady!


Word of advice; any customer requests take a distant second place to your safety. Accommodate them if you feel safe doing so, otherwise follow procedure to the letter and call it a day.


Well my blood is boiling seeing that. Thank you for posting it though, it's important people see things like this. Well done for keeping your cool, I know I couldn't have.

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