Revolutionary Potato Peeler Leaves Chefs Astounded - Find Out Why!

Mason Riverwind

Updated Friday, March 22, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered why no kitchen you've ever worked in has had a revolutionary potato peeler like the one in this viral video? Well, you're not alone! Chefs from all over are amazed by this incredible kitchen gadget that has the potential to save them hours of laborious potato peeling.

In the video, which has captivated the internet, we see a mesmerizing machine in action. As the video speeds by, it's hard to catch the details, but commenters are left in awe. One commenter, who claims to be a chef with over 27 years of experience, can't believe that they've never encountered such a game-changing device before.

But what exactly does this magical machine do with the potato skins? That's a question on everyone's mind. Another commenter humorously wonders, "I just want to know what they do with the skin-water." It seems like even the byproduct of this process has sparked curiosity.

However, not everyone is fully satisfied with the video. One commenter laments that it's too fast and blurry to truly appreciate the machine's inner workings. They humorously liken the video to "potatoes go into magic machine, come out minus skins." Perhaps a slower, more detailed video would be appreciated by many.

Surprisingly, there are also those who argue that the skin is the best part of the potato. While this is a widely debated topic, it's clear that this machine is a game-changer for those who prefer their potatoes without skins.

The video also managed to evoke some playful responses. One commenter cleverly quips, "that really tumbles ma taters!" while another adds, "I don't know about interesting, but I did find that quite apeeling." It seems that even the puns are not immune to the allure of this incredible potato peeler.

There's even an interesting anecdote shared by a commenter about a forgetful woman who left her potatoes in a similar machine at a restaurant. When she returned 20 minutes later, there was nothing left but peeled vegetables. It's a testament to the efficient power of these machines, which peel by erosion.

As the comments continue, the excitement surrounding this potato peeler grows. Many find it more than just mildly interesting, with one commenter expressing their fascination. But there are also those who express a fondness for potato skins, especially when it comes to baked potatoes. They wonder, "Why you gotta peel all my delicious dirty bois?"

The potential benefits of this machine are also discussed. Imagine the time saved in restaurants and kitchens across the world. One commenter, possibly a restaurant owner, envisions the practicality of having this gadget but raises concerns about its cost, maintenance, and water consumption.

Interestingly, another commenter shares their experience with high-pressure steam peeling. They describe a process where spuds are dumped into a pressure vessel, steam is fed in, and then released explosively, removing the skin in an instant. It seems like there are multiple methods to achieve the same result.

To add a unique perspective, one commenter even asks if this machine works for turnips as well. They claim to be asking for a friend, leaving us wondering about the possibilities beyond just potatoes.

Finally, we learn that this type of machine is commonly found in chip shops in the UK. These rumbler machines rub the skin off the potatoes, which are then cut into chips. The chips are treated with a whitening solution to maintain their appealing color when fried. It's an intriguing glimpse into the process behind our beloved crispy fries.

While the video might leave us hanging with an unfinished comment, it's clear that this potato peeler has captured the imagination of many. Chefs, food enthusiasts, and curious minds alike are in awe of this innovative kitchen gadget. Whether you're a fan of potato skins or prefer them peeled, there's no denying the impact this machine could have on the culinary world.

So, the next time you're peeling potatoes by hand, remember the incredible technology that could revolutionize your kitchen. Who knows, maybe one day you'll get your hands on a potato peeler that leaves you saying, "Put…put your…"

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Chef here -- why has no kitchen I've ever worked I in the over 27 years in the industry had one of these?!?!


I just want to know what they do with the skin-water


I wish this wasn't sped up and at a decent framerate so I could actually see what's happening. This video might as well be "potatoes go into magic machine, come out minus skins"


but the skin is the best part of the potato


that really tumbles ma taters!


I don't know about interesting but I did find that quite apeeling.


In my head, I was picturing/hearing the potatoes go, “wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!” while being tumbled


One point here ! A woman forget her potatoes in the machine at the restaurant, when she returned to recover the potatoes 20 min. later ...There was nothing left of the vegetables. Those machines peel by erosion, erosion...


Why you gotta peel all my delicious dirty bois?


I find this more than mildly interesting

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