Horses are Very Good Dogs: Sweet Video Shows Unlikely Friendship

Mia Nightshade

Updated Friday, March 22, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a sweet video that has taken the internet by storm, a surprising friendship between a horse and a dog has captured the hearts of millions. The video, titled "Dogs are the Best People :)", showcases the incredible bond between these two unlikely companions.

One of the top comments on the video reads, "Horses are very good dogs." This sentiment seems to resonate with many viewers who are amazed at the horse's dog-like behavior. Another user playfully adds, "Fren? Fren." It's clear that this video has sparked a sense of camaraderie among animal lovers.

The video begins with a dog approaching a horse in a field. The dog's owner can be heard saying, "Hey buddy, you can do the thing. My hooman rides you, and you look after my hooman. But I look after my hooman so now I look after you." This sweet interaction highlights the protective nature of dogs and their ability to form deep connections with those they care about.

One viewer wonders if the horse is a lonely herd animal in search of a herd. This observation adds an intriguing layer to the video, suggesting that the horse may have found solace and companionship in the dog's presence. Despite their differences, the horse's behavior is "totally in character for a dog," as another comment points out.

As the video continues, the background music starts playing "Happy Together" by The Turtles, creating a perfect soundtrack to the sweet scene. It's as if the universe itself is acknowledging the beautiful friendship unfolding before our eyes.

A particularly adorable moment in the video occurs when the horse affectionately says to the dog, "You are small horse. I like you," to which the dog responds, "You are big dog. I like you." This exchange showcases the innocence and purity of their friendship, transcending the boundaries of species.

One viewer humorously corrects the statement made in the video's title, stating, "Correction: Dogs are better than people." It seems that this unlikely friendship has reminded us of the unwavering loyalty and unconditional love that dogs bring into our lives.

The comments section is filled with expressions of adoration and amusement. One person even declares their love for their "large girlfriend," showcasing the lighthearted and playful nature of the viewers. Another comment playfully points out, "Dongs aren't people. It's why they are better than us," bringing a touch of humor to the discussion.

The affection between the horse and the dog is evident as they engage in playful interactions, with one comment describing it as "grass puppy hugs pup puppy." This sweet display of affection has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Interestingly, there is a mention of a social media handle, "@ElbowDeepInAHorse," which adds an element of intrigue to the video. It's evident that this video has resonated with people from all walks of life, including those with a keen interest in animals.

The video concludes with the horse and dog embracing in a tender moment, reminding us of the importance of companionship and connection. As one viewer mentions, "Looks like my dog. Great temperament." This video serves as a beautiful reminder of the love and joy that animals bring into our lives.

In a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty, videos like these remind us of the simple pleasures and genuine relationships that exist between animals. It's moments like these that leave us saying, "D'awww!" and cherishing the precious bonds we share with our furry friends.

So, if you're in need of a sweet pick-me-up, look no further than this incredible video showcasing the extraordinary friendship between a horse and a dog. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and reminded of the beauty that exists in the animal kingdom.

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Horses are very good dogs.


Fren? Fren.


Hey buddy, you can do the thing. My hooman rides you, and you look after my hooman. But I look after my hooman so now I look after you.


Wondering if the horse is a lonely herd animal in search of a herd. Totally in character for a dog though


Horse: "You are small horse. I like you." Dog: "You are big dog. I like you."


My playlist started playing Happy together by the turtles while watching this gif and it works so damn well.


Dongs aren't people. It's why they are better than us.


Correction: Dogs are better than people.


I love my large girlfriend.



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