Meet the Fearless Guardians Protecting Baby Goats: Donkeys, Pyrenees, and More!

Zoey Waverider

Updated Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

If you thought dogs were the ultimate protectors, think again! In a affecting video that has taken the internet by storm, a group of unlikely heroes has emerged as the guardians of adorable baby goats. From donkeys to Great Pyrenees, these brave animals have mobilized to ensure the safety of their furry friends.

One comment from a user named Terrence sheds light on the power of donkeys when it comes to protecting livestock. He shares a jaw-dropping story of how his donkey, named Achilles, dragged a coyote corpse for an entire day to demonstrate what happens when you dare to irritate him. It's safe to say that these donkeys are not to be messed with!

Another user expresses their amazement at the dedication of Great Pyrenees and Maremma dogs in their job of protecting sheep. With over 400 sheep to look after, these diligent canines take their responsibilities very seriously. From a distance, it's truly incredible to witness their unwavering commitment.

The video also captures the affecting bond between different dog breeds. One user shares a story of their retriever mix, Benji, and a little terrier named Crescendo. Crescendo, despite her small size, would join Benji in guarding their home. Tragically, Crescendo's bravery led to a confrontation with a coyote, and she barely made it back. The next morning, Benji was found cuddling her body, a testament to their unbreakable bond.

But it's not just dogs who are stepping up to the plate. Llamas, known for their calm and protective nature, are also being employed as livestock guards. One user proudly shares how their boss uses llamas to keep their livestock safe, and it's undeniably cool.

As the video continues, the tension builds, aided by a haunting soundtrack. It's almost like watching a scene from a horror movie, with the suspense keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The dedication of these animals is truly awe-inspiring. One user describes them as the "bestest protector Bois," highlighting their unwavering loyalty and commitment to their roles. They truly are champions in their own right.

Reading through the comments, it's evident that these incredible stories have touched the hearts of many. From stories of personal experiences with guard dogs to reflections on the importance of coexisting with wildlife, the conversation sparked by this video is both affecting and thought-provoking.

In a world where animals are often underestimated, it's videos like these that remind us of their incredible capabilities. Whether it's donkeys dragging coyote corpses or Great Pyrenees fearlessly confronting predators, these animals deserve our admiration and respect.

So the next time you spot a donkey or a Pyrenees dog, remember the remarkable stories of their bravery and their vital role in protecting not just baby goats, but also the harmony between humans and wildlife. Dogs truly are the best companions, and these guardians prove it time and time again.

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We use donkeys. You think dogs are bad…donkeys are scary when they get territorial. Terrence dragged a coyote corpse around for a full day one time and wouldn’t let anyone near it until it was feeding time and he was distracted enough that I could get in there and sneak it out….he was Achilles and he was showing the rest of Troy what would happen if you insomuch as irritate him.


'morning, Ralph...


My work has about 400 head of sheep. We have several Great Pyrenees/Maremma and they take their job VERY SERIOUSLY. it's amazing to watch. From afar.


Good Boys.


I'm so glad I decided to not get a kangal. I wish I could have one but h********.


We had a retriever mix, Benji, as our guard dog, and my piano teacher gave us her little terrier, Crescendo, when s she moved into a place that didn't allow pets. Crescendo liked to think she was big, and would escape the house to go 'guard' with Benji. One night crescendo snuck out without us knowing and tried to take in a coyote. She barely made it back. We found Benji cuddling her body in the morning wimpering and crying. >


The mountain lions don't know how to handle the Emus, haven't lost a goat since.


The bestest protector Bois!


The rest of....'nightfall'.....did a.i. write the script?


Could they not just close the barn door?

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