The Hypocrisy of Student Loan Forgiveness: Who Should Foot the Bill for Fancy Private Schools?

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In today's society, the debate over student loan forgiveness has become a hot topic, with passionate arguments on both sides. One social media user, @wcbeucker, recently shared an image that beautifully encapsulates the underlying hypocrisy of those who oppose forgiving student loans while advocating for vouchers to send their own children to fancy private schools.

The image itself is a picturesque scene, featuring a grand red brick building situated on a college or university campus. The architecture exudes a sense of prestige, with multiple windows, white trim details, and a central entrance adorned with a small portico and elegant white columns. The building stands proudly against a clear sky, surrounded by a well-maintained lawn scattered with fallen autumn leaves. A lone individual can be seen in the distance, adding a touch of life to the tranquil scene as they make their way towards the entrance.

Overlaying this captivating image is a thought-provoking quote from @wcbeucker. It reads, "The people who are mad about forgiving student loans are the exact same people who want me to pay for vouchers for their kids to go to fancy private schools." This statement highlights a fundamental contradiction within the ongoing discussions surrounding education funding.

It is perplexing that some individuals vehemently oppose the idea of forgiving student loans, arguing that it would burden the government and taxpayers. Yet, these very same individuals advocate for vouchers, which would redirect public funds towards private schools, including those considered "fancy." The irony lies in the fact that these individuals are seemingly against the idea of supporting education for all, but are more than willing to use public funds to finance their own children's elite education.

The debate over student loan forgiveness is complex, with valid arguments on both sides. However, it is essential to recognize the inherent hypocrisy of those who champion vouchers for private schools while disregarding the financial struggles faced by countless individuals burdened by student loan debt. The call for fairness and equity in education should extend to all, not just to a privileged few.

The image shared by @wcbeucker serves as a powerful reminder of the stark contrast between those who oppose forgiving student loans and those who advocate for vouchers for fancy private schools. It prompts us to reflect on the importance of equal access to education and the need to address the underlying disparities in our education system. As the debate continues, let us strive for a fair and inclusive education system that benefits all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

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Top Comments from Imgur


That's weird. It's almost like they think money should only be concentrated in the hands of a privileged few. Someone should come up with a name for that.


Eh how many of them are fancy private school families and how many of them "any form of post-high school education is liberal brainwashing" types?


And the same exact people that are fighting against the free food programs for all children. Why anyone would object to children getting meals is beyond me! Of all the dumb funding our money goes for, it seems that would be the most universally accepted!!


Why can’t they just make college affordable in the first place? It was expensive when I went, back in the mid-80s. Now, it’s beyond ridiculous, and what do you get for your $? Is even worth it? (These are real questions)


...wait, "fancy"? Oh no, the idea here isn't "fancy". It's way worse. The idea here is the schools they send their kids to on your dime are Super Biased Against Reality And In Favour Of Their Religion Instead. Basically they want to replace actual education those kids get with whatever their evangemadrasas would provide AND they want you to pay for it.


How would vouchers work? Wouldnt everyone want to go to the best schools? Who is going to the bad ones?



I have a co-worker who pulled her kids out of public school to protect them from the "trans agenda." We had a mass shooting 2 years ago and she remains adamantly pro-gun. You can guess her opinion on taxpayer dollars paying for private school vouchers.


I suspect that is just the 1st step towards eliminateing education altogether. Wage slaves don't need education. And they can use the sweet tax dollars for fun, sexy stuff, like war, and funding pork projects. The government can finally start bribing themselves, with our hard earned cash. It's the America Republicans have always dreamed of. (Nightmares)


they are also the same people that conspire to take over public school boards with a goal to destroy public education. they are the ones that neuter science and history classes. they are the ones that are trying to force their particular religion on everyone elses kids while treating anyone that isn't a straight white christian man as an inferior being. it's called "family values" apparently.

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