Silly Pregnancy Prank: Unborn Baby Grooves to Star Trek Soundtrack!

Zoey Waverider

Updated Friday, March 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a inspirational and comical moment captured in an image, a soon-to-be parent couldn't resist playing a little trick on their unborn child. The photo, titled "How it started...", reveals a playful scenario involving music and shared laughter.

The image showcases a close-up of a hand holding a smartphone, displaying a music player app. To the amusement of the expectant parent, the screen shows the iconic "Star Trek: The Next Generation" soundtrack by Alexander Courage & Jerry playing through a streaming service. The time on the phone reads 8:30, indicating a moment of relaxation and bonding.

In the background, a pregnant person with a bare belly is revealed. Two green-capped earbuds are carefully taped to the belly, creating a whimsical connection between the unborn baby and the music being played. The umbilical cord-like wires of the earbuds extend from the belly, linking to the smartphone, symbolizing the transmission of sound waves to the little one.

Adding to the humor of the situation, text overlaid on the image humorously states, "She thinks I’m playing Beethoven..." This implies that the expecting parent, in a playful twist, has tricked the pregnant person into believing that classical music from Beethoven is serenading their unborn child. Little do they know that the soundtrack of the beloved Star Trek series is what the baby is actually hearing.

The image captures a lighthearted moment, where the parent-to-be finds joy in sharing their love for a sci-fi classic with their yet-to-be-born baby. The setting exudes a casual and relaxed atmosphere, filled with laughter and the anticipation of the impending arrival.

As the image circulates on social media, users have flooded the comments section with their own anecdotes and reactions. Some express their admiration for the parent's creativity, while others share their own experiences of introducing their children to beloved shows and movies at an early age. The thread of comments spans from discussions about "Star Trek" episodes and music to humorous parenting stories and the importance of limiting screen time for young children.

This inspirational image serves as a reminder that parenthood is a journey filled with love, laughter, and shared moments of joy. As this soon-to-be parent playfully introduces their unborn baby to the world of Star Trek, they create a unique and memorable bond that will undoubtedly continue to grow as the child enters the realm of imagination and exploration.

So, let this image be a testament to the power of music, humor, and the love between a parent and their child. May it inspire others to find creative ways to connect with their little ones and cherish the beautiful journey of parenthood.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Glory to you, and your house.


Ds9 has the best theme music


I recently started binging star trek again.


May your child live long and prosper


My husband is also a fan so now we have a son named Julian, another named Miles, and our dog's name is Dax.


Cute post!! (Yeah seriously though, pediatricians don't want us putting screens in front of kids before age 2)


I don’t allow new Trek into my house. No child of mine will ever dare dream of a starship that doesn’t have wall-to-wall carpet.


As many problems as the series had, I honestly think Voyager edges out DS9 and TNG.


Daddy! I had that dream again about wanting someone named Edith Keeler to die! I don't even know an Edith Keeler!


Which episode had the best music, TNG's "The Inner Light" or DS9's "The Visitor"?

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