Comical Video Reveals Danny DeVito's Epic Batman Prank on Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a video that has been making waves on social media, two iconic actors, Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a comical encounter that left fans in stitches. The video, which captured a behind-the-scenes moment during the filming of a Batman movie, showcased DeVito's mischievous side as he played a prank on Schwarzenegger.

In the video, DeVito points to Michael Keaton, who portrayed Batman in the film, and jokingly exclaims, "No, that's not him. That's him!" The comment section of the video erupted with laughter as fans loved the clever twist on the Batman character. One user even added, "I think it would've been funny if Arnold had pointed to someone else, like [Comedian's Name], just to confuse everyone!"

Fans also couldn't help but notice Keaton's incredible portrayal of Batman. One comment read, "Keaton batman is best batman," while another fan praised his pokerface and reaction, calling it "priceless." It seems that Keaton's performance left a lasting impression on viewers, as they still associate him with the iconic superhero role.

Aside from the playful banter between DeVito and Schwarzenegger, fans also reminisced about their favorite movies featuring the two actors. One fan shared, "Batman & Robin was my favorite movie growing up! Still amazing to this day." Another user expressed their admiration for the duo's versatility, stating, "I keep having to remind myself that those two have been together on more projects than I actually remember. Twins, Junior, Last Action Hero, TV ads like State Farm. This, and they are in the DC universe by extension."

Interestingly, it turns out that DeVito and Schwarzenegger have been friends for quite some time. According to a sentimental story shared in the comment section, their friendship predates their collaboration in the movie "Twins." It all began when Schwarzenegger spotted DeVito unloading luggage in New York City and decided to lend a helping hand. This chance encounter eventually led to a fruitful partnership on the big screen.

The video also sparked some lighthearted discussions among fans. One user humorously commented, "Almost every time I see Arnold, it shocks me that he is a Republican." Another fan couldn't resist making a reference to a popular musical YouTube video, saying, "I want to believe that 'Batman, that son of a b****' is a nod to that old musical."

In the end, the video left fans entertained and reminded everyone of the enduring friendship between Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their on-screen chemistry, coupled with their real-life bond, continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly await their next project together, it's safe to say that these two Hollywood legends will always hold a special place in the hearts of moviegoers.

And remember, no Oscars were given to Godzilla after the video!

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Can't tell them apart!


I think it would've been funny if, when devito points to Keaton as Batman, Arnold goes "no, that's not him. That's him" and points to Cl*****. Then again, Cl***** might not have been there, but it would've been funny to point out that actor changed


That's just an awesome "come and get it" smirk


Keaton batman is best batman.


They should have said, "Ah, well, Batman isn't here, but why is Bruce Wayne looking at us like he wants to fight us?"


I'm sick and tired of reboots, remakes, re-whatevers, and sequels. But, I wouldn't mind a sequel to Twins.


Keaton looking good


Keatons pokerface and reaction is priceless


Didn't Arnold have Danny's baby? That kid has to be 30 by now.


Batman & Robin was my favorite movie growing up! Still amazing to this day

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