Playful Video Reveals the Absurdities of Stealth Mechanics in Video Games

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever played a stealth-based video game and found yourself scratching your head at some of the questionable mechanics? Well, you're not alone! A recent video posted on Imgur titled "Stelth" has captured the attention of gamers everywhere, shedding light on the hilariously unrealistic aspects of stealth gameplay.

In the video, we see a player attempting to navigate through a virtual world undetected. However, as the comments section reveals, things don't go exactly as planned. One user points out, "I mean, he was out of line of sight," highlighting the confusion that arises when enemies somehow spot the player despite being hidden.

Another commenter jokingly suggests, "Must have been the wind...," emphasizing the absurdity of enemies detecting the player's presence without any logical explanation. And let's not forget the humorous observation of "The car alarm 😂 🤌," illustrating how even the most subtle noises can trigger an alarm in the game world.

The discussion continues with users pointing out the unrealistic portrayal of suppressors, which are supposed to make firearms silent. "Also, suppressors being totally silent is bs," one comment reads. This observation highlights the disparity between gameplay mechanics and real-life physics, adding a touch of humor to the video.

Nostalgia also plays a role in the comments, with one user lamenting, "Man, I miss Splinter Cell." This sentiment resonates with fans of the popular stealth franchise, who fondly remember the stealthy adventures of Sam Fisher.

But it's not just the stealth mechanics themselves that garner attention in the video. The comment section also serves as a platform to credit the creators behind the video. One user mentions, "Credit the creators, they're criminally underrated," urging viewers to check out LikeAFoxStudios on YouTube for more entertaining content.

The video also sparks discussions about the inconsistencies within stealth gameplay. Users humorously point out situations where enemies inexplicably lose track of the player or fail to notice suspicious activities. "Or how they can't see you if you crouch... but you stand up and they see you... you crouch again, and they lost you even though in the same exact spot still," one comment hilariously states.

Another user shares an amusing encounter, saying, "(Sees body) OMG! High alert! (5 seconds later) Oh well, nothing here. Back to standing around." This comical observation highlights the sometimes baffling behavior of NPCs in stealth games.

The video's comment section also features references to other popular games and characters. From Batman's infamous line, "It's da bat!" to praising the stealth mechanics in the PS Spider-Man game, users share their love for various stealth-themed experiences.

Overall, this video serves as a lighthearted reminder of the quirks and inconsistencies that often accompany stealth mechanics in video games. Whether it's the illogical detection systems or the unpredictable behavior of NPCs, there's no denying the playful moments that arise from these gameplay elements.

So, the next time you find yourself engaged in a stealth game and encounter a head-scratching moment, remember that you're not alone. Join the conversation with gamers worldwide who have experienced the absurdities and joys of stealth gameplay. And don't forget to credit the creators behind the video, LikeAFoxStudios, for shedding light on these comical aspects of the gaming world.

In the end, it's all part of the fun and charm that keeps us coming back for more stealthy adventures. Happy sneaking!

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Top Comments from Imgur


I mean, he was out of line of sight


Must have been the wind....


The car alarm 😂 🤌


also suppressors being totally silent is bs


Man, I miss Splinter Cell




Or how they can't see you if you crotch... but you stand up and they see you.. you crotch again and they lost you even though in the same exact spot still. "What was that?... Must have been my imagination."


Credit the creators, they're criminally underrated. LikeAFoxStudios on YT.


(sees body) OMG! High alert! (5 seconds later) Oh well, nothing here. Back to standing around.


Shoot a bandit, second bandit rushes over, pauses, then says 'My ears must be playing tricks on me!', all while standing over a body with an arrow sticking out of it...

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