Expert Reveals the Ultimate Hacks for Folding Fitted Sheets

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Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever struggled with folding fitted sheets? You're not alone! Many people find this task to be quite challenging. However, fear not, as we have gathered some expert tips and tricks to help you conquer this daunting chore.

One user in the comments section shared their hack, stating, "What works even better is to use the fitted sheet as a bag for the matching thin sheet and pillowcases, roll it into a ball and stow it." This clever technique not only saves space but also keeps all the bedding components neatly organized.

But not everyone is a fan of folding. As another commenter mentioned, "The sheet stays on the drying rack until I need it again. Folding is overrated." For those who prefer a more effortless approach, this method allows for easy access to freshly washed sheets without the hassle of folding.

Interestingly, different individuals have their unique ways of dealing with fitted sheets. One person humorously stated, "I am type 2," emphasizing their preference for a particular folding technique. Meanwhile, another user expressed their discontent, exclaiming, "I'm in this video and I don't like it." It seems that opinions on folding fitted sheets can vary greatly.

Some participants in the discussion took a more simplistic approach. One comment read, "Sheet comes off the bed, goes in the washer then dryer, then back on the bed. Easy." This straightforward method eliminates the need for storing or folding sheets altogether.

On the other hand, a user highlighted the benefits of folding, stating, "The good thing about folding (and it's easy as pie) is the space saved." They further explained how they utilize their drawer efficiently to store multiple sets of fitted sheets and bed covers. If space is a constraint, this technique might be worth considering.

Others questioned the necessity of folding entirely. A commenter humorously remarked, "Fold? What is this, 1924?" suggesting that folding fitted sheets may be outdated in today's fast-paced world.

It's important to note that not everyone finds folding fitted sheets to be a practical endeavor. As one person shared, "Dirty clothes go in the washer, or on the floor in a defined region. Clean clothes go on the floor in another defined region, or I dress myself directly from the dryer." For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to laundry, folding may not be a priority.

While some find folding fitted sheets to be a near-impossible task, others believe it requires practice and skill. A comment humorously compared the process to a Far Side cartoon, saying, "Folding a fitted sheet is like that math puzzle with a middle step that reads 'And then a miracle occurs...' It just doesn't work." This sentiment resonates with many individuals who have attempted to master the art of folding fitted sheets to no avail.

Interestingly, individuals working in the hospitality industry may have an advantage when it comes to folding fitted sheets. One user speculated, "I'd imagine people in the hospitality industry get really good at folding fitted sheets." It's possible that these professionals have developed efficient techniques through their experience in managing large quant***** of bedding.

For those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle, folding fitted sheets may be irrelevant. As one commenter shared, "I'm the type that only owns a single set of bed sheets, so folding them is irrelevant." In such cases, the focus is on simplicity and functionality rather than meticulous folding techniques.

Lastly, a few individuals shared their amusing experiences with folding fitted sheets. One user mentioned, "Impossible with a cat," highlighting the challenges of dealing with feline companions during the folding process. Another commenter amusingly exclaimed, "She's a witch!" in response to a video participant's folding method. These lighthearted anecdotes add a touch of humor to the discussion.

Folding fitted sheets may be a divisive topic, with various opinions and techniques circulating. From unique hacks to minimalist approaches, individuals have found creative ways to handle this household task. Whether you embrace folding or prefer alternative methods, the ultimate goal remains the same: to keep your bedding clean and organized.

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What works even better is to use the fitted sheet as a bag for the matching thin sheet and pillow cases, roll it into a ball and stow it.


The sheet stays on the drying rack until I need it again. Folding is overrated.


I am type 2.


I'm in this video and I don't like it.


Sheet comes off bed, goes in washer then dryer then back on bed. Easy


I like that cat


Wash, dry, put it back on the bed. No need to store it anywhere folded. When I need another one, I'll throw the old one out.


I have never seen type 1. Is that how you’re supposed to fold them or is she just pretentious?ver


1 is not using same technique as me, but end result is pretty much the same. The good thing about folding (and it's easy as f***) is the space saved. The bottom drawer here is 45x30x25cm ad will hold 5 king size fitted sheets. The drawers above each hold a double set of 140x220cm bed duvet and pillow covers, but if I fold them a bit differently I can fit 4 sets in one drawer. If you have limited space, use it wisely!


Fold? What is this, 1924?

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