Funny Video Captures the Unstoppable Party Dog and the Ball-Throwing Challenge

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

If you're a dog lover and enjoy a good party, then you're in for a treat with this funny video that has been taking the internet by storm. The video, titled "You did the crime, now do the time," showcases the antics of a party-loving dog and his insatiable desire to play fetch.

The comments on the video are filled with laughter and admiration for the determined pup. One user even humorously mentioned, "I gotta go throw this ball for a while, bye -me," expressing their enthusiasm for the dog's playfulness.

Another commenter couldn't resist joining in on the fun, saying, "Sounds like I know where I'm wanted." It's clear that this dog has won over the hearts of many, turning any gathering into an unforgettable experience.

One comment perfectly sums up the sentiment shared by dog lovers everywhere, stating, "I love a dog at a party. Because it means I get to enjoy the company of someone who loves me unconditionally instead of talking to my racist mother." Dogs have an incredible ability to bring joy and comfort, making any social event all the more enjoyable.

The video also sparked a relatable memory for someone who had worked as a bartender at a party. They shared a funny anecdote about a labrador who would bring pieces of wood to people. The owner warned not to throw the wood, as the dog would never stop bothering them. To everyone's amusement, the labrador tested every person at the party until it found its designated "thrower."

The video showcases the dog's irresistible charm, with its quivering lips and eager eyes. Some viewers couldn't resist the dog's plea for a game of fetch, exclaiming, "Throw the ball, you monster!"

While the dog's enthusiasm is undeniably contagious, not everyone is up for the challenge. As one commenter admitted, "I would throw the ball, but I can't deal with the drool. :/" Labs are known for their persistence, and once they set their sights on a ball, they become the true owners of their human companions.

For introverts who find socializing challenging, this party-loving dog could be a lifesaver. One person shared their appreciation, saying, "As an introvert and a dog lover, that will be a life saver." Dogs provide a sense of comfort and companionship, making it easier for shy individuals to navigate social situations.

The video also sparked playful threats, with one commenter jokingly stating, "You throw that ball or I will literally kill you." The dog's unwavering determination to play fetch resonates with many, as it seems that once you start throwing the ball, there's no turning back.

The comment section also displayed appreciation for the video's point of view, with one user giving an upvote for the "proper use of POV." This attention to detail adds an extra layer of enjoyment for viewers.

Looking at the dog's adorable face, it's hard to resist the urge to indulge in a game of fetch. One commenter couldn't help but express their affection, saying, "LOOK AT THAT FACE, CHUCK THE BALL FOR HIM A BIT, WHAT A GOOD PUPPER 🥺." The dog's expressions tug at the heartstrings, making it impossible to resist their playful demands.

For those torn between socializing and playing with a dog, the choice is clear. As one commenter humorously stated, "If at any gathering I can choose between socializing and throwing a ball for a dog, come on dog, every time..." The loyalty and unwavering love of a dog can easily trump social interactions.

This viral video captures the essence of a party-loving dog and the endless game of fetch. With its irresistible charm and determination, the video has brought joy to countless viewers. Whether you're a dog lover or simply in need of a good laugh, this video is sure to brighten your day. So, go ahead and throw that ball for the pup, and remember, once you start, there's no turning back!

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good to see everybody, I gotta go throw this ball for a while, bye -me


sounds like I know where I'm wanted


Party cannot be improved, except for the addition of extra dogs. Or maybe a cat sleeping on your lap.


Total win on your part.


I love a dog at a party. Because it means I get to enjoy the company of someone who loves me unconditionally instead of talking to my racist mother.


I worked as a bartender for a party, they had a lab that would bring pieces of wood to you. The owner is like "do not throw it or he will never stop bothering you". It was funny because when the party started he tested EVERY person there (50 People) until he found his "thrower" AND IT NEVER STOPPED!


The quivering lips! Throw the ball, you monster!


I will always be that boy. And then I'll rub the nose and the ears and skritch the b*** and mush the face


Labs are very persistent. That dog owns you now


As an introvert and a dog lover, that will be a life saver.

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