The Science Behind Cute Aggression: Why We Can't Help but Squeeze That Adorable Kitten

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Monday, March 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

We've all experienced that overwhelming urge to squeeze something irresistibly cute. Whether it's a fluffy puppy or a chubby-cheeked baby, the phenomenon known as cute aggression seems to be a universal human experience. But what exactly is cute aggression, and why do we feel it? In a viral video that has taken the internet by storm, one cat captures the essence of cute aggression as it wonders where it all went wrong.

The video, titled "Everyone is guilty of cute aggression," showcases a cat seemingly living its best life while simultaneously questioning its owner's choices. That cat is wondering where it all went wrong, and we can't help but relate to its confusion and amusement. The comments on the video shed light on the fascinating concept of cute aggression.

One commenter shares a relatable experience, recalling a time when they asked a tiny coworker if they ever found something so cute, they wanted to pick it up and throw it in a lake. Although the coworker responded with confusion, it highlights the intensity of cute aggression and how it can sometimes manifest in unconventional ways.

According to another comment, cute aggression is a way our brain regulates overwhelming positive emotions. It is believed to be an evolutionary trait that prevents us from being incapacitated by our feelings when faced with something incredibly cute that needs our attention. This explains why we may feel the need to squeeze or even playfully harass adorable creatures – a phenomenon humorously referred to as "Harrassment With Benefits" in one comment.

The video resonates with many viewers who admit to experiencing cute aggression in their daily lives. From cute animals to adorable babies, the instinct to squeeze and cuddle seems to be inherent in all mammals, as mentioned in one comment. It's just how our brains work.

Interestingly, cute aggression isn't limited to small and harmless creatures. One commenter shares an experience with a lion and a cheetah, highlighting that even apex predators can evoke those overwhelming feelings of cuteness. It seems that nature's purrfect killing machines can also be too cute to be respected.

Although the video focuses on the cat's expressions and actions, one comment humorously diverts attention to the person holding the camera. They note that the cat is living its best life while silently questioning its owner's choices. The commenter also compliments the person's teeth, adding a lighthearted touch to the conversation.

Cute aggression is a complex and intriguing subject that has fascinated researchers and psychologists alike. It elicits mixed emotions of adoration and aggression, leaving many people puzzled by their own reactions. The overwhelming urge to squeeze and cuddle cute things seems to be a universal experience, as confirmed by the numerous comments on the video.

The video "Everyone is guilty of cute aggression" captures the essence of this phenomenon perfectly. It showcases a cat living its best life while questioning its owner's choices, making us reflect on our own experiences with cute aggression. Whether it's a tiny kitten or a fluffy puppy, we can't help but feel that overpowering desire to squeeze and cuddle. So, the next time you find yourself overwhelmed by cuteness, remember that you're not alone – cute aggression is a natural and universal response to something irresistibly adorable.

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That cat is wondering where it all went wrong.


I once asked a tiny coworker if she ever found something so cute, you wanted to pick it up and throw it in a lake. When she responded in a very confused manner, she was awfully lucky there were no bodies of water around.


Cute aggression is a way your brain regulates overwhelming positive emotions. It is apparently an evolutionary trait so we don't get incapacitated by overwhelming feelings when something cute needs to be looked after.


We call it Harrassment With Benefits at our house.


That cat is living its best life, and wondering what is wrong with its owner.


I also have cuteness aggression. I really like Palworld.


She seems nice. Nice teeth.


"That overpowering feeling that comes with seeing something unbearably cute – that made your grandma want to pinch your cheeks when you were a child – doesn’t have a specific word assigned to it in English."


Easy Lenny


*Giant apex predator bearing teeth* Kitten: "this is fine"

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