Entertaining Martial Arts Showdown: Who Can Turn On the Light Switch?

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Monday, March 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video titled "Everybody was Kung Fu lighting," martial arts enthusiasts showcased their skills in a lighthearted battle to see who could turn on a light switch. The video garnered a lot of attention on social media, with viewers praising the participants' agility and humor.

One user commented, "Everyone except for the Shaolin guy. Because he's already enlightened." It seems like this martial artist had already mastered the art of illumination.

Another user couldn't help but notice the durability of the switch, saying, "That's a really durable switch." It seems like the intense martial arts moves didn't stand a chance against this sturdy device.

The video also featured a drunken master, who had viewers rolling on the floor laughing. One viewer commented, "Rofl at Drunken master :)" It's clear that this martial artist's unsteady movements added an element of comedy to the performance.

The samurai and drunken master characters also left a lasting impression. "Samurai and drunken master had me snort," shared one amused viewer. The combination of traditional Japanese swordsmanship and comedic antics was a winning formula.

During the Kali/Arnis segment, one viewer questioned whether the song playing in the background was "Toxicity" in Tagalog. This cultural reference added an interesting twist to the performance, showcasing the diversity of martial arts and music.

The video also drew attention to Krav Maga, a self-defense system known for its efficiency and effectiveness. One user humorously pointed out, "Krav Maga would have required to use the switch with an F-16C." It seems like this martial artist would have brought in some serious firepower to accomplish the task.

In the comments section, a user recommended following "Renzorage" on Instagram, as they create lots of funny skits. You can find them at https://www.instagram.com/renzorage?igsh=MWZwNm83N21ndmpjbg==. It's always great to discover new content creators who can bring laughter to our lives.

Adding a touch of humor, one user shared a quote, saying, "There is no honor in a burned-out light bulb, and Klingons are not afraid of the dark!" It's clear that this martial arts battle had everyone thinking about the importance of a well-lit room.

Some viewers were curious about Lethwei, a traditional Burmese martial art. "What is Lethwei?" asked one user. This video not only entertained but also sparked interest in various martial arts styles.

BJJ, also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, had viewers in stitches. One user commented, "BJJ was entertaining." It seems like the ground-based grappling techniques provided some unexpected comedic moments.

The video even managed to poke fun at landlords. "Landlords hate this one simple kick...." joked one viewer. It seems like this martial artist had a secret weapon against those pesky rent collectors.

Impressed by the precision and accuracy displayed, one viewer marveled at the eskrima/kali/arnis segment. "If he's really the one hitting the switch (rather than someone off-screen), then the eskrima/kali/arnis one impresses me the most," stated the viewer. Hitting such a small target with batons requires incredible skill and control.

As a martial arts student of 20 years, one viewer found the video particularly amusing. "As a 20-year martial arts student, this is particularly amusing to me," they shared. It's always great to see seasoned practitioners appreciating the lighter side of their craft.

The samurai character was a hit among viewers, with one comment stating, "Samurai guy made me laugh, that was fun." The combination of traditional swordplay and comedic timing created a memorable moment.

Offering a challenge, one user remarked, "If you can't hit the switch again before the light actually turns on, you're too slow." It seems like speed and precision were crucial in this martial arts showdown.

For those familiar with Tai Chi, the gag in the video took on a whole new level of complexity. "If you're familiar with Tai Chi, that gag gets a whole lot more complex," shared a viewer. This ancient martial art emphasizes fluidity and control, making the light switch challenge even more intriguing.

To add some entertainment value, one viewer suggested choreographing the light switch action with Bob Fosse's iconic dance moves. They even shared a link to a video for inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVvxOwxuk_w. It's clear that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to martial arts performances.

A user familiar with Jeet Kun Do, the martial art developed by Bruce Lee, shared an interesting strategy. They stated, "Jeet Kun Do guy would have waited for the light switch to strike first, then find the unguarded spot and attacked with enough speed to hit them before getting hit. So, the light switch would remain off indefinitely." It seems like this martial artist had a plan to ensure darkness prevailed.

Lastly, one viewer suggested a entertaining twist to the video. They commented, "Samurai guy should have pulled out his sword a little, then clicked it back to make the light change." Imagining the samurai's sword skills being utilized for a simple light switch adds an element of comedy to the performance.

In a final comical twist, one viewer joked, "Would have been better if the drunken master missed the light switch and punched a hole in the wall." It seems like not everyone succeeded in their attempt to illuminate the room.

The video "Everybody was Kung Fu lighting" showcased a lighthearted martial arts battle to see who could turn on a light switch. With a mix of traditional techniques, comedic moments, and unexpected challenges, this video entertained viewers and sparked curiosity about various martial arts styles. It's clear that martial arts can be both impressive and amusing, bringing laughter and joy to audiences worldwide.

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Everyone except for the Shaolin guy. Because he's already enlightened.


That's a really durable switch


Rofl at Drunken master :)


Samurai and drunken master had me snort.


Was that Toxicity in Tagalog during the Kali/Arnis?


Krav Maga would have required to use the switch with a F-16C


Renzorage on Instagram, lots of funny skits https://www.instagram.com/renzorage?igsh=MWZwNm83N21ndmpjbg==


"There is no honor in a burned-out light bulb, and Klingons are not afraid of the dark!"


What is Lethwei?


Landlords hate this one simple kick....

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