MIT Professor's Funny Video Goes Viral: Unraveling the Chair Mesh Effect

Zoey Waverider

Updated Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video shared by an MIT professor, a peculiar yet captivating chair mesh effect has taken the internet by storm. The video has garnered a lot of attention, with people praising the creativity and uniqueness of the concept. Let's dive into the comments and reactions surrounding this mind-boggling visual masterpiece.

One user exclaimed, "So dumb. Take the upvote," showcasing the appreciation for the video's sheer absurdity. Another commenter humorously stated, "This meeting shall come to order. The chairman has the floor," adding a touch of wit to the mix.

Among the comments, one person expressed their delight, saying, "Oh yeah, that's the kind of weird s*** I'm here for," highlighting the video's ability to captivate the audience with its eccentricity. Another commenter recognized the brilliance behind the creation, stating, "That didn't need to be done, but it was done so well."

The video has been praised for its ability to bring back the weirdness factor that has been missing from recent content. As one comment puts it, "Bringing back the weird, yes!"

The chair mesh effect in the video has left viewers in awe, with one person pondering, "I can't decide if it's a simple mesh effect or complex datamosh." This showcases the technical prowess and intrigue surrounding the visual effects used in the video.

Interestingly, a comment mentioning the chair of the Department of Film and Media Studies adds an academic touch to the discussion. It seems that even experts in the field are marveling at the creation.

While some viewers questioned the authenticity of the video, with one commenting, "and people will say this is fake.. >:(" the majority of the audience is genuinely amazed by the ingenuity behind it. One viewer, who claims to have attended film school, confessed, "I went to film school and still have no idea how he has made this."

The video has sparked curiosity about the mechanics of the chair mesh effect, with one viewer questioning, "Where does the back leg come from?" This shows the level of engagement and interest generated by the video.

Although the video has received mixed reactions, it has undeniably left an impression on its viewers. As one commenter hilariously stated, "That's some really stupid s***. I love it +1," highlighting the blend of absurdity and entertainment value offered by the video.

This MIT professor's viral video featuring a chair mesh effect has taken social media by storm. With its unique and intriguing visuals, the video has sparked discussions and captivated viewers from all walks of life. Whether it's the technical aspects, the creative brilliance, or the sheer absurdity, this video has successfully left an indelible mark on the internet community.

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So dumb. Take the upvote


This meeting shall come to order. The chairman has the floor


Oh yeah, that's the kind of weird s*** I'm here for.


this kid gets it


That didn't need to be done, but it was done so well


Bringing back the weird yes


I can’t decide if it’s a simple mesh effect or complex datamosh


The chair of the dept of film and media studies.


Please be seated.


and people will say this is fake.. >:(

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