The Soaring Costs of Living: A Lawyer's Reflection on Rent Inflation

Avery Emberly

Updated Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In today's world, where the price of everything seems to be on a constant rise, it's no surprise that the cost of living, especially when it comes to housing, has become a significant concern for many. A recent social media post has shed light on the staggering difference in rent prices over the past two decades, leaving even professionals like lawyers struggling to afford the same apartments they once could.

The post, shared by user NTK @ntkallday, features a screenshot of a personal reflection on the ever-increasing cost of renting an apartment. The image itself shows a dark background with white text, accompanied by a profile picture of the user in the upper left corner. While the profile picture lacks detail due to its small size, the message it conveys resonates deeply with those experiencing the impact of skyrocketing rental prices.

The text reads as follows: "-20 years ago, working as a server, I lived in a corner 1 bdrm apt downtown with amazing water views for $700/month. A similar apt now $3,600/month, more than 5x as much. As a lawyer at age 47, I am unable to afford living in the apartment I did at age 27 while waiting tables."

This heartfelt reflection paints a stark picture of how the cost of living, particularly in terms of housing, has become increasingly unaffordable for many individuals. It highlights the significant disparity between rental prices from two different periods in the user's life. The user reminisces about a time when they could comfortably live in a one-bedroom apartment with breathtaking water views, all for a mere $700 per month. However, the same apartment today commands a staggering $3,600 per month, more than five times the amount they paid back then.

What makes this post even more poignant is the fact that the individual behind it is now a lawyer, a profession often associated with financial stability. Despite their professional success, the rising cost of living has rendered them unable to afford the same apartment they enjoyed in their twenties while working as a server. This revelation serves as a powerful reminder that even individuals in high-paying occupations are not immune to the challenges posed by housing inflation.

The comments on the post further emphasize the widespread impact of rising rental prices. Users express their frustration with the current state of affairs, pointing out the greed of corporations and the alarming wealth inequality that has resulted from it. There are calls for collective action, urging people to unionize and organize communities to combat the unrelenting pursuit of profit at the expense of affordable housing.

It's evident from the comments that many individuals can relate to the struggles of the original poster. Stories of exorbitant rent increases, gentrification, and the growing divide between the rich and the working class are shared, highlighting the urgent need for change. While some express their frustration with the current system, others propose alternative solutions, such as building low-cost apartments and forcing price drops to alleviate the burden on renters.

The social media post and its subsequent comments shed light on a pressing issue that affects countless individuals across the country. The rising cost of living, particularly in terms of housing, poses significant challenges for people from various walks of life. As the gap between income and expenses continues to widen, it becomes increasingly crucial for society to address the root causes of this problem and work towards a more equitable future.

The social media post featuring a lawyer's reflection on the soaring cost of renting an apartment serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals in an era of housing inflation. The comments on the post further emphasize the widespread impact of rising rental prices and the urgent need for change. It's a call to action for society to address the root causes of this issue and strive towards a more affordable and equitable housing market.

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Unionize, organize communities - build collective power that is NOT tied to elections or politicians, but to the goal of empowering the working class. It's the only way to take power AWAY from the f***ers at the top who seem determined to turn the whole planet into a wasteland.


Nothing will happen whilst we allow it to. We the people need to bring the change.


On the plus side CEO's are much richer now. :P


I'm not saying we need to do as the Dutch did in 1672 to their Prime Minister, but it might encourage reform by politicians if we did do it...


city i live there is a shortage of housing, existing housing stock is prohibitively expensive but build costs are too high to build more...


Personally, if every single person on the planet doesn't have (for free) housing, food, and healthcare, at this point I don't understand why we even built a society. It's 2024, there's absolutely no reason for any human to lack basic necessities, working or not


The fact that there are people who think that this is how it is supposed to be is mindblowing to me. How can people be that brainwashed and ignorant...


This is 100% greed. And it's not just people at the top. At a condo I lived at, we wanted to rent out one of the vacant units and I got into a shouting match with most of the other residents because I wanted to charge an affordable rent and everyone else wanted to charge 'market rates' cause they wanted the money.


This. We couldn't afford to buy the house we currently live in. Houses are selling for $1 million in our town that are utterly unspectacular. Just normal suburban houses like people paid $100K for when we were kids.


We aren't where we are because of inflation, we are where we are because of raw, unrestrained corporate greed. These monolithic ghoulish industries could easily lower their prices, it would just mean that they would make a less obscene profit, and they spend a lot of that money legally bribing your elected officials to ensure that they never have to contribute to the people that made them so disgustingly wealthy.

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