Mind-Bending Staircase in China: A Descent You Won't Believe!

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Updated Friday, March 8, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever come across a staircase that seems like it defies all logic? Well, we've stumbled upon a video that showcases one such mind-bending staircase, and the reactions to it are priceless. Get ready to be amazed as we dive into the world of the "Nope Stairs of Mount I don’t think so"!

One user hilariously commented, "A hill I refuse to die on." And we totally understand why! Ascending these stairs is an issue in itself, but attempting a descent is a whole different level of mind-bending. Another user chimed in, sharing a personal connection, "Oh so this is my dad's path to school when he was a kid!" It seems like this treacherous path has been around for generations.

The effort it took to build these stairs is simply mind-blowing. As one user pointed out, "It's one thing to walk those stairs. It's another thing to BUILD those stairs." Can you imagine the dedication and hard work that went into carving each step? And to add to the challenge, some poor souls had to carry heavy jugs of water up these stairs every day for generations.

Curiosity strikes as another user wonders, "What do you suppose is up there that's worth the climb?" The mystery of what awaits at the top adds to the allure of these daunting stairs. However, some skeptics raise the question of camera angles, speculating if the steepness is exaggerated for dramatic effect. But fear not! For those seeking the real location, these stairs can be found in Pojun Village, Shaoguan City, Guangdong, China.

With a touch of humor, one user humorously corrected the title, stating, "Common mistake. Those are actually the Nope Steps of not in this lifetime or the next." It's safe to say that these stairs are not for the faint of heart. The mere thought of someone climbing above you can send shivers down your spine.

As you watch the video, you can't help but notice the tiny rocks at the bottom of the staircase, serving as a scale for just how massive this structure truly is. And don't underestimate the impact of a backpack! As one user amusingly shared, "The funny thing is that a backpack changes your center of gravity just a little biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii."

In true influencer fashion, there's even a pile of influencers with selfie sticks at the bottom of the stairs. It seems like no challenging location can escape their quest for the perfect shot. And while going up may seem like a daunting task, some users suggest that going down might be even worse. Brace yourself for a truly heart-pounding descent!

Looking at the soil at the foot of the rock, one user jokes, "The soil must be very rich in calcium." It's incredible to think that nature has shaped these stairs over time, creating a truly awe-inspiring sight. But is there really anything worth the effort at the top? According to one user, "Nothing at the top is worth that." It seems like the journey itself is the real reward.

As the video unfolds, a drone appears, capturing breathtaking footage. But one user advises the drone pilot, "Maintain your distance." We can't help but feel a sense of unease as the drone hovers near the edge. And for those brave souls who are into extreme sports, one user ponders, "How far is this from free soloing?" It may not be as intense as free solo climbing, but it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

The "Nope Stairs of Mount I don’t think so" in Pojun Village, China, have captured the attention and imagination of countless viewers. Whether you're amazed by the sheer audacity of those who built these stairs or simply in awe of the breathtaking views, one thing's for sure – this is a staircase that you won't forget anytime soon. So, buckle up and prepare for a mind-bending adventure like no other!

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A hill I refuse to die on


Ascending is a hell of an issue. I have no words for effectively articulating the mind-bending effects of attempting a descent on those stairs.


Oh so this is my dad's path to school when he was a kid!


Accurate title is accurate.


It's one thing to walk those stairs. It another thing to BUILD those stairs.


GIFs that end too soon. What do you suppose is up there that’s worth the climb?


Imagine the effort it took to carve those stairs. And then some poor b******s probably carried jugs of water up this s*** every day for generations.


Sometimes with these videos, I have to wonder how much of the camera angle has been manipulated to make it seem more steep than it actually is


For those looking for the actual location, this is in Pojun Village, Shaoguan City, Guangdong, China.


Common mistake. Those are actually the Nope Steps of not in this f***ing lifetime or the next.

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