Beware of the Bathroom Bandits: The Hidden Dangers of Loitering at Work Exposed

Aiden Starling

Updated Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a startling revelation, a mysterious memo has surfaced, shedding light on a pressing issue that has plagued workplaces everywhere. The memo, displayed on a stark white sheet of paper, warns employees against a seemingly innocent act – hanging out in the bathrooms while on the clock. This seemingly harmless behavior has been flagged as a form of time theft, and the consequences could be dire.

The memo, posted on a dark surface, possibly a door or a wall, carries a stern and no-nonsense tone. It clearly states, "Bathrooms are not for hanging out. Do NOT come to bathrooms to hide while clocked in. That is time theft and will result in strikes." The message is crystal clear – any attempts to use the bathroom for anything other than its intended purpose during working hours will not be tolerated.

The use of red font for the word "NOT" adds an extra layer of emphasis, highlighting the severity of the situation. Employers are leaving no room for confusion or leniency when it comes to this matter. The memo serves as a wake-up call, reminding employees that their time at work is meant for productivity, not leisurely bathroom breaks.

Unsurprisingly, this memo has sparked a wave of reactions from employees and internet users alike. Many were quick to point out the potential legal consequences for employers who enforce such policies. One user even mentioned that organizations like OSHA in the US and similar organizations in other countries would take a keen interest in this matter.

However, some individuals offered a different perspective, suggesting that there might be underlying reasons for such a strict warning. They mentioned instances where certain employees took advantage of the bathroom as a safe space or used it as an excuse to avoid work responsibilities, leaving their colleagues to pick up the slack. While this perspective may offer some justification, it is clear that the memo's intention is to address a widespread issue rather than targeting specific individuals.

The memo's message has struck a chord with employees across various industries, as they reflect on the delicate balance between work and personal time. Some comments on social media expressed solidarity, highlighting the unfairness of bosses making a significant income while workers struggle to make ends meet. This sentiment is encapsulated perfectly by the statement, "Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that was a saying for a simpler time. Now the boss makes a thousand and gives us a cent, while some of his workers can't pay the rent."

While it is crucial to ensure fair treatment and reasonable work environments, it is equally important for employees to understand their responsibilities. This memo serves as a reminder that every second spent not working while on the clock is a second stolen from the company. However, it is essential for employers to strike a balance between productivity and employee well-being, as excessive monitoring and strict policies can lead to discontent and potential labor disputes.

The image of the memo serves as a cautionary tale, exposing the hidden dangers of loitering in the workplace bathrooms. The stern warning against time theft and the potential for strikes sends a clear message to employees. As the debate surrounding this memo unfolds, it is crucial for both employers and employees to find common ground, ensuring a harmonious work environment that promotes productivity and respects the personal needs of individuals.

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Strikes, you say?


If this is in US, OSHA will be really interested in this employer. Similar organizations in bunch of countries would also be on this.


"strike" is an interesting pro-union choice of wording.


Next time you take a glorious 10 pounder dump, get a picture of it. When they ask why you were hanging out, make sure to send that to them and cc their management along with HR.


Ok, we'll stop time theft if you stop wage theft, agreed?


After a co-worker with special needs s*** his pants on the line management stopped being bathroom n***s.


Had a boss that complained about workers stopping at the restroom to wash their hands after evening stocking in retain. One employee said our hands get dirty on the clock, they get clean on the clock.


The walk-in is for hanging out, not the bathroom you weirdos


Honestly I need more context here before I just assume the manager is being a jerkwad. It's entirely possible that someone was constantly being super lazy, taking advantage of the bathroom-is-a-safe-space tradition, and making all their coworkers pick up the slack all the time. I've met a lot of tyrannical managers, but I've also met some VERY lazy & inconsiderate coworkers. This could go either way... it is definitely poorly/aggressively /insensitively worded though.


Bad management that doesn’t pay enough taxes.

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