Unveiling the Mesmerizing Process Behind the Papier-Mâché Masterpiece

Aiden Starling

Updated Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating stunning papier-mâché sculptures? Look no further than this captivating video that takes you on a journey through the intricate process. While some viewers expressed their desire to see the finished product, the sheer artistry and creativity displayed throughout the video left them in awe.

One commenter reminisced about their own childhood experience with papier-mâché, sharing how they crafted a remarkable paper mache penguin in 4th grade. The sense of accomplishment and joy they felt back then was truly "awesome."

However, not everyone's reaction was purely positive. One viewer admitted to being impressed but also felt a tinge of anger, perhaps due to the painstaking effort involved in creating such intricate artwork. Another commenter added a touch of humor by sharing two fun facts: the early Romans used a similar method for making pottery (although no evidence was provided), and the commenter had nothing to back up this intriguing claim.

As the video played, some viewers advised against un-muting the sound, suggesting that the visuals alone were enough to captivate the audience. Others were reminded of Lot 665, a famous papier-mâché music box in the shape of a barrel organ, complete with a monkey in Persian robes playing the cymbals. The artistic references and historical connections only added to the fascination surrounding the craft.

While the process showcased the versatility of papier-mâché, one viewer cautioned against storing valuable items inside anything made of plaster of Paris. It seems that the fragility of the material could pose a risk to cherished possessions.

Interestingly, another viewer initially thought the video was a recreation of the Hollow Earth concept, which added an unexpected twist to the viewing experience. Additionally, the brief scene featuring a dollar store with blue and gold colors caught the attention of a viewer, highlighting the attention to detail and artistic choices made in the video.

While the majority of viewers appreciated the video, there were mixed opinions regarding the accompanying music. Some praised the video but expressed a dislike for the chosen soundtrack.

Curiosity sparked among the audience, with one viewer inquiring about the slip casting material used in the process. They were particularly intrigued by its strength, permeability, and other properties. Another viewer cheekily suggested using a specific item to create a long flower pot, leaving the audience wondering about the creative possibilities.

Addressing concerns about the durability of the final product, a viewer questioned whether the thin layer of plaster used in the sculpture would make it fragile. The debate continued, with one commenter invoking the ghost of Swayze, referencing the iconic pottery scene from the movie "Ghost" and suggesting that plaster is not suitable for such intricate shapes.

Amidst the discussions, a playful comment speculated about a fictional character in a green tunic coming by and smashing the delicate artwork, adding a touch of humor to the conversation.

A clarification was made regarding the materials used in the video, stating that white cement, not plaster, was utilized. This distinction was crucial as plaster would dissolve if soaked to remove the glue and paper.

While some viewers were hesitant to attempt this art form themselves, others recognized the creativity and effort put into the project, appreciating the skill and dedication required.

This mesmerizing video showcased the intricate process behind creating a stunning papier-mâché masterpiece. The diverse reactions from viewers highlighted the awe-inspiring nature of the craft, leaving many in admiration of the artist's talent and creativity. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply curious about the world of papier-mâché, this video is sure to captivate your imagination.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Might have been nice to, you know…see the finished product?


Fun fact 1: this was the method early Romans used for making pottery. Fun fact 2: I have nothing to back that claim.


I'm impressed, but it also makes me angry...


Do not un-mute.


I made a paper mache penguin like that in 4th grade and it was *awesome*.


Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen: a papier-mâché music box in the shape of a barrel organ. Attached, the figure of a monkey in Persian robes, playing the cymbals...


The video, yes. The music. No.


Just realize you should never store anything you care about inside anything made out of plaster of Paris.


At first I thought they were recreating Hollow Earth.


I like the part where it went to a dollar store with the blue and gold.

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