Entertaining Video Unveils the Absurdity of Movie Product Placements

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the age of streaming platforms and viral videos, it seems like creativity knows no bounds. A recent video circulating on the internet has caught the attention of millions, showcasing the hilariously exaggerated world of movie product placements. Titled "My Post. Two Days Ago...," this video has become a viral sensation, leaving viewers both amused and bewildered by its clever execution.

The video, which can be found on Imgur at https://imgur.com/gallery/KZHmOu5, starts innocently enough with a scene from a popular movie. However, things quickly take a turn when the main character, Chewy, is seen walking his loyal companion, Han, on a leash through a PetSmart store. This unexpected twist sets the stage for what can only be described as an absurd journey through a series of shameless advertisements cleverly woven into the film.

Viewers are left wondering how the story continues from there, with one commenter questioning the continuity of the narrative. The video sparks curiosity and prompts viewers to dig deeper, leading them to another link at https://imgur.com/gallery/LSw7CbL, which reveals more unexpected surprises.

As the video progresses, it becomes apparent that the ads featured are all for the same beer, leaving commenters pondering the intention behind the repetition. The witty banter and clever editing keep viewers engaged, with one viewer pointing out the sleek design of the light saber featured in the video.

While some commenters express their admiration for the creativity and cleverness of the video, others can't help but reminisce about a simpler time when funny GIFs didn't need elaborate storylines. Nostalgia takes hold as one commenter contrasts the current trend of fabricated narratives with the straightforward humor of the past.

Interestingly, the video has sparked a debate on the platform, with one viewer claiming to have seen it on TikTok just the day before. The mention of TikTok as a source of content raises questions about the evolving landscape of online entertainment and the influence various platforms have on each other.

The video also draws parallels to early TV commercials, where actors would step aside from the show to promote products. Commenters share insights about the history of advertising, mentioning the invention of jingles as a way to circumvent certain regulations.

As the video gains traction, it elicits mixed reactions from viewers. Some are in awe of the seamless integration of advertisements, while others question the authenticity of the content. The fine line between entertainment and commercialization is blurred, leaving viewers both enraged and impressed by the audacity of the video.

In a world where product placements and brand integrations have become the norm, this video serves as a humorous reminder of the absurd lengths some creators go to monetize their content. Whether you're a fan of clever editing or simply enjoy a good laugh, "My Post. Two Days Ago..." is a must-watch video that will leave you questioning the impact of advertisements on our entertainment.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to be both entertained and bewildered by this viral sensation. Just remember, it's all in good fun, and sometimes the best way to navigate the world of marketing is with a healthy dose of laughter.

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Top Comments from Imgur


My post. Two days ago... https://imgur.com/gallery/KZHmOu5


The one for PetSmart was weird. It showed Chewy taking Han for a walk on his leash.


ok but how did it continue from there?




Yes... let the hate flow through you... LIKE A COOL REFRESHING BOTTLE OF CRISTAL!


Ehm... were the ads all for the same beer?


That's a fancy looking light saber


that is clever, that is genuinely clever.


Why do I feel like this should've been a rick-roll?


It's a repost alright, I literally saw this on TikTok yesterday. Have we stoop so low that we post TikTok s*** now?

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