The Laughable Dilemma: Kids Today Don't Believe the Texting Struggles of the Past

Grayson Larkspur

Updated Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Remember the good old days when sending a text message cost a whopping 10 cents? It seems like a distant memory now, but for those of us who lived through the early days of mobile phones, it was a reality that shaped our communication habits. A recent image circulating on social media perfectly captures the struggle of trying to explain this to our children.

The image, featuring a simple black background with white text in a clear font, reads: "I told my children that we used to have to pay 10-cents per text message and now they think I'm a liar." The statement is spread over three lines, making it stand out against the dark background and highlighting the humorous situation faced by the speaker.

The comments on this post reveal just how relatable this struggle is for many parents. One user compares it to the frustration of explaining long-distance phone plans from the past, while another reminisces about the days when texting didn't even exist. The nostalgia continues as someone mentions the difficulty of texting with a Nokia greyscale phone, causing heads to explode if someone were to explain it to the kids today.

But it's not just the cost of texting that has changed. As one commenter shares, they once paid over 600 DM (about $330) for their phone bill due to their addiction to Ultima Online. The concept of paying by the minute for cell phone plans also seems foreign to the younger generation, who might not even have a clear understanding of the value of money.

The introduction of texting brought about a whole new way of communication, and many were skeptical about its popularity. One user, who worked as a communications engineer, recalls the introduction of SMS and how they thought it would be offered for free. Little did they know that texting would become one of the biggest cash cows in history, with providers charging 10 cents per message.

The evolution of technology is a constant reminder of how quickly things can change. From texting pagers that cost 45 cents per message to fixed wireless telephones meant for areas without traditional landlines, the advancements have been both impressive and mind-boggling. It's no wonder some people find it challenging to explain these technological shifts to younger colleagues or family members.

As we reflect on the past, it's essential to appreciate how far we've come. Texting has become an integral part of our lives, and it's hard to imagine a time when it didn't exist. So the next time your kids give you a skeptical look when you mention the 10-cent text message fee, remember that it's just a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of communication technology.

In conclusion, this image perfectly encapsulates the struggle of trying to explain the past costs of text messaging to our children. The relatable comments from fellow netizens only serve to highlight the universal nature of this dilemma. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it's crucial to embrace the nostalgia while also appreciating the convenience of modern communication methods. So the next time your kids doubt your stories about the good old days, just show them this image and let them marvel at how far we've come.

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Top Comments from Imgur


This is as annoying as trying to explain having to wait until 9 or 10 pm to make long distance calls with phone plans back then


Worked as a phone customer service rep for a cell company in the early 2k. Explaining to people that "yes, your kid caused a $300 bill with texting" was not amusing.


I'm old enough to remember when texting didn't exist.


And that's only if you paid for a texting plan! Now, try and explain to them *HOW* you texted with a Nokia greyscale phone! They're heads will explode!


The first SMS I ever sent in 2002 was "This just cost you 10 Cents"


Do they even have a concept of money? (mine don't)


When I was little, movies were 10 cents. Times change!


They should have seen my phone bill back in the early internet days. One month I paid over 600 DM ($330) thanks to Ultima Online.


S***, imagine telling them that at one point in time, there were no buttons. You, instead, picked up the phone to an operator and gave them the name of the person you are trying to reach.


And cell phone plans were by the minute.

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