The Purr-fect Ticketmaster: Feline Guardian of Stevenage Railway Station Charms Commuters

Harper Quill

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an unexpected twist to the usual hustle and bustle of daily commutes, travelers at Stevenage railway station have encountered a furry gatekeeper. Dubbed as the "Purr-fect Ticketmaster," this charming cat has taken to granting passage to those who offer a skritch, much to the delight of passersby.

The phenomenon has sparked a flurry of comments from amused commuters sharing their experiences online. One traveler humorously noted, "Sorry I was late, there was a cat," highlighting the feline's impact on punctuality. Another echoed the sentiment, sharing a similar encounter with the whiskered sentinel.

Curiosity abounds as to whom this vigilant cat belongs. The feline's presence has inspired witty remarks, with one person suggesting a "CAT-scan" to check tickets. The cat's dedication to its post has even led to playful musings that it took the statement "Cats don't spread COVID" a bit too seriously.

Despite the cat's popularity, it seems not everyone has been keen to partake in the ritual of a skritch for entry. Some believe that those who bypass the opportunity for a friendly pat are missing out on a moment of joy and deserve a "stern talking to."

The cat's allure isn't just a modern fascination. It has rekindled memories of ancient times when Egyptians revered cats, a sentiment echoed by one commenter. The allure is so strong that another has playfully expressed the desire to "find that cat and steal it," a testament to the feline's enchanting nature.

The cat's fame has reached a point where travelers are content to enjoy its company, with one commuter stating, "I am where I intend to be. Thank you!" as they relished the moment with the station's four-legged celebrity.

For those seeking further details, a link to a BBC news article was shared, providing the "sauce" to this sentimental story, showcasing the cat's newfound celebrity status.

As the tale of the Purr-fect Ticketmaster continues to capture hearts, it's clear that this cat is more than just a cute distraction. It has become an integral part of the Stevenage railway station experience, bringing smiles and a touch of whimsy to what might otherwise be just another day on the commute. This feline friend reminds us all of the simple joys in life, one skritch at a time.

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"Sorry I was late, there was a cat."


Same! But, who does the cat belong to?


CAT-scan your ticket for entry.


When they said "Cats don't spread COVID" this cat took that personally.


The people that choose not to pat need a stern talking to.


i'm going to find that cat and steal it


it explains why ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat


The cat is easily the best thing at Stevenage railway station, not surprising.


"Sir, you can enter through here as well" "I am where I intend to be. Thank you!"


I have the sauce

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