Master of Disguise: The Astounding Camouflage Skills of Octopuses Revealed

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

The animal kingdom is rife with incredible survival strategies, but few are as visually spectacular as the camouflage abilities of the octopus. A recent display captured the attention of nature enthusiasts, showcasing an octopus's dramatic transformation in color and texture that left viewers in awe.

Commentators marveled at the cephalopod's ability to blend into its surroundings seamlessly. One observer humorously noted the octopus's dismissive attitude with the quip, "Go away. Am coral," highlighting the creature's convincing disguise. The octopus's talent for mimicry is so profound that even those familiar with its capabilities find it hard to believe. "It's so amazing that I still don't think it's real," exclaimed another admirer, expressing a sentiment shared by many.

The octopus's display isn't just about changing colors. It's a full performance, complete with texture alterations that leave spectators in disbelief. "Such a showoff!" one comment read, while another person dubbed the creature a "sneaky cephaloboy." The comparison between the rapid color change of an octopus and the swift ripening process of an avocado was humorously made, illustrating the speed and unexpectedness of the transformation.

While chameleons are often celebrated for their color-changing abilities, octopuses might just outshine them. "And meanwhile chameleons get all the attention when they aren't even close to this," a commenter pointed out, suggesting that perhaps octopuses deserve more recognition for their impressive skills.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the octopus's camouflage is its ability to alter the texture of its skin. Observers are dumbfounded by how it can create spikes to match the coral it's imitating. This skill goes beyond mere color adaptation and enters the realm of tactile illusion.

The discussion also delved into the realm of curiosity, with one person pondering whether octopuses can change opacity or if they can disguise themselves as water, swimming around like a jellyfish. Another comment whimsically suggested that all rocks could, in fact, be cephalopods in disguise, given their remarkable ability to take on the appearance of various objects.

As viewers continue to be mesmerized by the octopus's quick-change artistry, one can't help but wonder what it feels like to undergo such a transformation. Does the octopus sense its own metamorphosis in the same way we sense a change in our environment?

In conclusion, the octopus stands as a testament to nature's ingenuity, a true master of disguise that can teach us a lot about adaptation and survival. While chameleons may have enjoyed the spotlight for their color-changing skin, octopuses are the unsung heroes of camouflage, capable of not just changing color, but also texture, to an astonishing degree. This remarkable ability not only captivates the imagination but also inspires a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

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"Go away. Am coral"


I've seen octopi do this so many times. It's so amazing that I still don't thinkn its real.


Sneaky cephaloboy


Such a showoff!


It's amazing how fast avocados go from nearly ripe to over ripe


you scaring him. Can any of them change opacity? Just swim around like a jellyfish and disguise yourself as water


And meanwhile chameleons get all the attention when they aren't even close to this.


Lookamee I'm a rock! Now I'm a different rock! Actually all rocks may in fact be cephalopods!


As amazing as is their ability to change color, I'm dumbfounded by how they change the texture of their skin, creating spikes to match the coral.


I wonder what that feels like

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