Charming the Deadly: Brave Encounter with a King Cobra in the Shower

Mason Riverwind

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

In an astonishing display of bravery—or perhaps recklessness—recent footage reveals a King Cobra experiencing the simple pleasure of a refreshing shower. This remarkable scene showcases the serpent, often feared for its lethal venom, in a moment of serene relaxation, far from the aggressive predator image it typically invokes.

Observers of this rare interaction have shared a mix of awe and humor, with one remarking on the "ballsy scritches" given to the cobra. Another notes that while it may seem risky, sometimes one must "wet the noodle," a playful nod to the snake's elongated form. The term "moisturize your danger noodles" has also surfaced, adding a lighthearted twist to the discussion of this typically intimidating creature.

Expert opinion suggests that the lack of aggressive behavior from the cobra, such as a flared neck, indicates a state of calm. This "chillin'" snake appears to be enjoying the human interaction, with no sign of imminent threat. Enthusiasts have even whimsically suggested that the cobra's snout is in need of a "boop," while another admirer has crowned her a "queen" among King Cobras.

Despite the fascination, many commenters express a clear boundary they would not cross, acknowledging the inherent danger of being in close proximity to a large venomous snake. Some compare the audacity of petting a cobra to other extreme acts, like brushing an alligator's teeth or massaging a Komodo dragon, emphasizing the boldness required for such encounters.

The video has sparked a broader conversation about the underestimated bravery of cobras and the confidence—or perhaps foolhardiness—of those who dare to engage with them. The sentiment is clear: while the sight is captivating, few would dare to replicate the interaction.

In conclusion, the video of a King Cobra in the shower is a testament to nature's unpredictability and the human fascination with danger. It's a reminder that while some boundaries can be pushed, respect for the wild and its inhabitants is paramount. This encounter may have ended peacefully, but it's not an invitation to let down one's guard around one of nature's most formidable creatures.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Ballsy scritches.


Moisturize your danger noodles.


I get it. Seems risky, but sometimes you just gotta wet your noodle.


So this danger noodle is not showing any aggressive behavior, so it seems safe to do this. If the cobra was going to strike it would have its neck flared in warning. This noodle is just chillin.


That snoot needs a boopin'.


She's a queen King Cobra


I think I would pass on being overly close to the large poisonous snake but you do you.


Cobras are b***** than I initially thought.


Why not try brushing an alligator's teeth while you're at it. Maybe massage a komodo dragon.


I don't think I would ever have that much confidence to pet a cobra.

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