The Thrill of Innovation: Man Takes Selfie Sticks to New Heights with Jet Engine Power

Mason Riverwind

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where adrenaline and cutting-edge technology collide, a recent Imgur post titled "-_-" has sparked a whirlwind of reactions from viewers fascinated by the audacious spirit of a man who seems determined to redefine the limits of personal flight. This individual's endgame? Attaching a jet engine to a selfie stick, a concept that has elicited a mix of awe and concern among the online community.

The idea of strapping a pulsejet engine to a selfie stick may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but for this inventor, it's a loud and clear call to adventure. Pulsejet engines are notorious for their deafening roar, a characteristic that has not gone unnoticed by viewers. One commenter highlighted the sheer volume of such an engine, noting that it could cause instant hearing loss if experienced up close. Yet, despite the potential risks, there's an undeniable allure to the engine's fiery glow, which another user described as "sexy."

Safety, however, remains a paramount concern among the audience. Suggestions for the daring innovator include the necessity of a helmet, a sentiment echoed by several commenters. One individual expressed unease at the sight of the inventor without a helmet in every video, a risky move that could have serious consequences. The community's concern is palpable, with calls for the use of proper equipment such as a GoPro and a reliable mount for the selfie stick, rather than relying on hand-held methods that could lead to disaster.

The man behind the jet-powered selfie stick has been likened to the likes of Colin Firth, suggesting a dashing blend of charm and recklessness. His wild, coyote-like spirit and the affectionate label of "crazy fucker" bestowed upon him by a commenter are testaments to the mix of admiration and disbelief that his antics inspire.

Despite the risks, there's a sense of respect for the man who refuses to let age define his quest for thrill and innovation. The Imgur community recognizes the fine line he walks between folly and glory, with one commenter poignantly stating that he may "die foolishly but gloriously."

In conclusion, the Imgur post "-_-" has unveiled a character who is part daredevil, part inventor, and entirely captivating. While his pursuit of jet-powered selfie sticks may raise alarms for safety, it also ignites a conversation about the human drive to push boundaries and explore the unknown. Whether viewed as an act of madness or a stroke of genius, one thing is certain: this man's fiery escapade will continue to fuel discussions and imaginations across the internet for time to come.

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Top Comments from Imgur


the endgame is to put a jet engine on that selfie stick


Specifically a pulsejet engine, which will make you go deaf instantly, they're ridiculously loud in person


Home Slice needs to make a mod to hold that selfie stick. Or invest in a proper go-pro. And, HELMET, old dog. Makin' me nervous.


Colin Firth, you've met your match


That engine glow is sexy.


He definitely looks like a guy who would put jet engines on everything


Crazy fucker. I like 'im.


That man is far older than he has any right be. That helmet can't be enough to save him and he isn't even wearing it in every video. Bless him.


He’s part coyote


He will die foolishly but gloriously

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