The Mysterious Button Dilemma: A Darkly Comedic Take on Workplace Dynamics

Mia Nightshade

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where the line between dark humor and office camaraderie blurs, a recent Imgur post titled "It’s never about the money…" has sparked a mix of laughter and contemplation across the internet. The post features a scenario reminiscent of a twisted game: a button that, when pressed, results in a co-worker's demise. This concept has triggered a slew of comments, each adding a layer of wit and dark humor to the already intriguing premise.

One commenter humorously inquires if the boss qualifies as a co-worker, suggesting that many might be tempted to push the button under such circumstances. This jest leads us to ponder the often-complex relationships within a workplace, where the lines between hierarchy and peer relationships are frequently tested.

The conversation takes a turn towards the morbidly funny, with one user quipping, "Push this button, a co-worker dies, bu... could you stop pushing the button? There's more." This comment paints a picture of a scenario gone awry, where the temptation to push the button overshadows the grave consequences.

The dialogue continues with a twist of irony as another individual notes, "Actually, he already owes him 200 dollars. And 2 dead coworkers." This brings a new dimension to the narrative, highlighting the absurdity of valuing money over human lives, albeit in a satirical manner.

References to popular culture are inevitable, with a mention of "Death Note in button form. Everything's streamlined these days," drawing parallels to the famous manga where writing a name in a notebook leads to that person's death. The comparison underscores the modern desire for instant gratification and solutions, even in the darkest of contexts.

The thread is not without its share of visual storytelling, as one user expresses disappointment at not seeing the aftermath of the button pressing, envisioning a scene where the previous victims are revealed, followed by the sound of the button being pressed once more. This comment highlights the human fascination with the consequences of our actions, even when they're fictional.

Some comments add a lighter touch, with a pun-filled remark, "Leave the Button - I got more pressing things to do...." This statement cleverly plays on words while providing comic relief from the heavier themes.

The identity of the button pusher becomes a topic of speculation, with multiple users suggesting that the character "Dave" is likely an IT professional. This assumption stems from the stereotype of IT workers as pragmatic problem solvers, often tasked with 'fixing' issues, even those as bizarre as a deadly button.

The thread concludes with a sentiment that resonates with many: "Dave: not the hero we asked for, but the hero we got." This comment encapsulates the collective admiration for the character's willingness to address the problem, regardless of how unconventional the method may seem.

In the end, the Imgur post and its comments provide a darkly comedic reflection on workplace dynamics, the value of life, and the often-macabre humor that can emerge in the face of hypothetical scenarios. While the post is purely fictional, it serves as a reminder of the complexities of human interaction and the lengths to which imagination can stretch when pondering the "what ifs" of life. Whether it's a button that ends a co-worker's existence or the daily grind of office politics, the true takeaway is the importance of camaraderie and the shared laughter that can arise from even the darkest of jokes.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Is the boss considered a coworker? Because then I am down with everyone pushing the button.


Death Note in button form. Everything's streamlined these days


"Push this button, a co-worker dies, bu.... could you stop pushing the button? There's more".


Actually, he already owes him 200 dollars. And 2 dead coworkers.


Nice, but I’m slightly disappointed…wanted them to turn around show the previous two coworkers slumped over, the you hear the button slap and camera falls to the ground.


"Leave the Button - I got more pressing things to do...."


Dave clearly works in IT


Found the company's IT guy


Dave: not the hero we asked for, but the hero we got


That guy is clearly tech support

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